The Last Jedi: How did Snoke seduce Ben Solo to the Dark Side?


The Last Jedi: How did Snoke corrupt Ben Solo, turning him to the Dark Side?

***SPOILER ALERT*** For those who have not seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

It’s been a week since The Last Jedi hit theaters, with non-stop buzz surrounding the film. Many fans loved it, where many did not. It left a lot of questions behind though. A significant one being, how did Snoke corrupt Ben Solo, turning him into Kylo Ren?

As we learned in the movie, Luke looked into Ben Solo’s soul, discovering that Snoke had already corrupted him. But, how? If Snoke was as powerful, why did Luke and Leia let him anywhere near Ben?

With the significant number of flashbacks in The Last Jedi, it’s presumed that we will get more in the next film, connecting the dots as to how Snoke came into contact with the Skywalkers in the first place, along with corrupting Ben Solo.

Those same instances might shed light as to who Snoke was. That could further explain how he got close to Ben Solo. Also what enticed Ben Solo to be seduced by the Dark Side? Did Snoke sense darkness in him and then luring him, drawing him over?

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That is a big hole that Disney/Lucasfilm needs to fill and quickly. If they aren’t going to answer it in a movie, then we need a book or comic to show us what happened.

Discovering how the seed of a Skywalker fall to darkness would be pretty epic to see.

Likely, the events of Bloodline, which takes place about six years before The Last Jedi, had much to do with Ben’s turn.

The entire galaxy, including Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, found out through the Star Wars version of the media.

Snoke likely used that information to entice the young Solo to the Dark Side, using Darth Vader as a tool.

In the film, Snoke calls Kylo Ren “son of Darkness, heir apparent to Lord Vader.” We may have our answer in that statement alone, but, that will not satisfy our need to know.

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With Episode IX two years out now, what questions should Disney/Lucasfilm answer in the “upcoming” movie? Ben Solo’s fall is number one on that list, for sure.