The Last Jedi: Is Ben Solo wholly consumed by darkness?


Is Ben Solo dead, with Kylo Ren entirely consuming the good man? The Last Jedi provides some clues o his future…

***SPOILER ALERT for Star Wars: The Last Jedi***

After the murder of his father Han Solo, we see a conflicted Kylo Ren. Then, after he almost does the same to his mother, he is even worse off. Torn. Now that he has killed his Master Snoke, and is rejected by Rey, is Ben Solo truly dead?

Kylo Ren hopes that killing Snoke will draw Rey into Darkness with him. She sees a vulnerable man, Ben Solo still inside of him.

After Rey turns him down and tries to fight him, breaking the Skywalker lightsaber in the process, he awakes and blames Rey for killing Snoke. Then taking the mantle of the First Orders Supreme Leader, he follows the (now) Rebels to Crait to finish them off.

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Whenever Luke Skywalker walks out of the cave, Kylo Ren looks taken aback. Shocked.

He tries to destroy Luke with the AT-M6’s and other walkers, but they are of no avail. He then has to face Skywalker alone.

The sound of his voice and look on his face answers the question here that Ben Solo is finally gone.

Luke could sense it before he even stepped out there to fight him, even Leia knew as much.

Why Luke didn’t fight harder to redeem Kylo Ren, as he did with his father, Anakin, is a legitimate question.

Possibly, what  Luke inside of Ben Solo that dark and dire night of his temple’s destruction was too much. It’s likely he knew his nephew was gone at that very moment.

As Kylo Ren charges Luke and “cuts” him down, you see the proverbial final nail being driven into the coffin. Luke’a senses were spot on. Ben is dead, and Kylo Ren now is in control.

Now as Supreme Leader, that cannot be good for anyone. Fear. Anger. Hate. And next, suffering?

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A once torn Kylo Ren is now wholly devoted to the Dark Side of the Force. Ben Solo is genuinely dead.

With Star Wars: Episode IX two years out, do you think Ben will return to the light, or stay submerged in the darkness?