Star Wars: The Last Jedi requires multiple viewings


Star Wars: The Last Jedi requires several viewings, to fully appreciate the beauty of the film.

***SPOILER ALERT for Star Wars: The Last Jedi ***

After viewing The Last Jedi twice, and thinking deeply about it, I have finally reached the ability to convert my thoughts. Believe me; I was much like many people out there who did not like the film.

After watching it forthe first time opening night, I honestly was not a fan. The next day, the feeling for it got worse and worse. The more I thought about it and dissected it; the less I enjoyed The Last Jedi. 

At that point though, I was not ready to give my opinion on the movie. I wanted to see it again.

Now, after I viewing it for the second time, I came to the realization that I loved it, and also, why I didn’t like it during the first go around.

Going into the theater opening night, I had many lofty expectations and desires for what I wanted the movie to be, such as Rey’s parents, Snoke’s origins, and Luke Skywalker’s current state of mind.

All three of those areas shocked me to the core, where the unexpected happened: Snoke was killed by his apprentice, Rey’s parents are nobody, and Luke Skywalker is an angry “get off my lawn” failed Jedi Master.

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Then, I realized that my name is not Rian Johnson and it wasn’t my movie, and that is probably for the best.

I had all these ideas and theories for how I wanted the movie to go, so when they didn’t happen, I was selfish and displeased.

After I was “Forced” to set aside my theories and enjoy the film, it was exponentially better than before.

Johnson took the risk that paid off immensely. The death of Snoke, a Yoda cameo, and lastly saying goodbye to the most celebrated Jedi to ever live, Luke Skywalker, in epic fashion.

Using Luke during The Force Awakens as solely a plot device, then removing him, so to speak in The Last Jedi, was a risky move handled brilliantly.

All in all, I much enjoyed it after the initial viewing. Star Wars: The Last Jedi has references to the originals, while still having the new story progress the saga.

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I would gladly recommend it to anyone and will be buying it whenever it comes out on DVD/Bluray.

I will also NOT be signing the petition to remove it from the canon timeline, which is flat-out ridiculous.

What I recommend is to watch The Last Jedi at least a second time and the Force may reveal something truly special, like it did with me.