The Last Jedi: Who is the young boy at the end of the film?


Is Temiri Blagg, the youngling with the broom on Canto Bight in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The future of the Jedi Order?

As Star Wars: The Last Jedi continues to slowly move up the rankings of Star Wars fans lists around the globe, one little boy might have stolen the show without you realizing it.

Temiri Blagg is the orphan boy stuck on the planet Canto Bight, where Finn and Rose go to find D.J, just to be betrayed by him shortly after, aboard Snoke’s personal flagship.

The boy is (subtlely)one of the leading focal points of The Last Jedi. As the film concludes, we see three younglings acting out some scene revolving around the legend, Luke Skywalker. After their little party gets broken up by their Master, we see something truly special.

As Temiri go to grab the broom and begin some chores, we see him use the Force, moving it into his hands, without even touching it. Clearly, this boy is Force sensitive. The question though is why does Rian Johnson show this in The Last Jedi? 

For me, I believe it’s either two things. A shout out to Rian Johnson’s future trilogy that he has been commissioned to play a part in, or it’s displaying that eventually there will be more Jedi in the universe.

Luke had just become one with the Force, “Obi-Wan-ing” himself, so the Light needs to bring balance to the Force, once again.

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Temiri might just be that balance that is necessary to counter the Dark Side.

As Temiri looks up to the sky, you see the broom handle reflect the nearest light of the handle, and it seems to look a lot like a lightsaber.

We learn the young boy’s name in The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary was released, but the fact that he received an actual surname shows his importance moving forward.

The future trilogy could revolve around these kids or some similar situation where they have to either fight the First Order, with Rey potentially training these Force-sensitive kids.

The possibilities are endless, with hopefully a standalone novel dropping sometime before Episode IX releases in 2019.

It’s also plausible Temiri, and these other orphans made their debut in the canon novel Legends of Luke Skywalker, but time will tell.

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Do you think Temiri holds a particular significance or not? Also, what will Johnson’s trilogy consist of, storywise? Tell us in the comments below and on our social media pages.