Comic Review — Star Wars: Storms of Crait


In Marvel‘s latest Star Wars Comic we see the Rebel Alliance’s first introduction to Crait.

Mon Mothma doesn’t quite see eye to eye with Leia but is willing to allow her to scout the location with a handpicked team.  Leia is accompanied by some of the Rebel Alliance’s finest.  Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles make quite an exposition party.  She’ll need each of them to make it off of Crait safely.

Trust isn’t given freely, it’s earned.

It’s at the empty mining facility on Crait where we meet Trusk Berinato.  The former Ally of Bail Organa quickly proves himself untrustworthy.  Luke having lived in a similar environment on Tatooine discovered that the System is susceptible to Salt Storms.   Not only has Trusk lied about the System being hospitable, he’s also sold the Rebels out to a squad of stormtroopers.

That Squad happens to be the S.C.A.R. Squad lead by Sergeant Kreel.  Kreel and his squad ride speeder bikes in pursuit of the Rebels who ride in the Ski Speedera we’ve seen in The Last Jedi. Luke’s speeder is shot down as he attempts to slow the pursuit. Kreel peels off from the SCAR squad to confront him.

Han, Chewie, and Leia are able to make a break for the Millenium Falcon as Wedge Antilles and additional Rebels are able to intercept the SCAR squad in pursuit.  It’s at the Falcon that Trusk confrontation Leia for the last time.  Although he gives Han a Flesh wound, Leia puts an end to Trusk’s betrayal.

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Luke make’s quick work of Kreel with the assistance of the system’s wildlife.  Wedge and the other Rebels do the same with the rest of the SCAR squad.  And Leia’s handpick crew makes a hasty escape to rejoin the rebel fleet.  The abandoned mines at Crait will have to wait for another day.

Worth a read

The book itself is a nice little introduction to Crait, but I was left wanting a bit more.  Although the story is lacking, it is a decent one-off that fits within the established continuity of Marvel’s current run.  I am sure it will not be the last we see of either Crait or Trusk Berinato.

The artwork in this book is absolutely stunning. And some of the panels featuring Leia seem like an absolute tribute to the late Carrie Fisher.  Mike Mathew captures her in all of her Original Trilogy glory.  He also does an excellent job with both Han Solo and Mon Mothma.

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With Marvel providing a large amount of New Canon content we can expect more books that help bridge the gaps between the trilogies.  Perhaps these books will eventually provide some answers The Last Jedi didn’t quite afford us.