Coming Soon: Marvel’s the Last Jedi Comic Adaptation


Finally the Comic Book adaptation we’ve all been waiting for…

The news is out.   We’ve learned from a press release from Marvel Offices that the highly anticipated Comic adaptation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is due out in May.  The Comic book adaptation will release two Months after the Jason Frye’s Novel adaptation, and a month after the anticipated DVD/Blu-Ray video release.


So what can we expect from the Comic Book anticipation of the Star Wars saga’s most polarizing installment?  Well for starters we know we will be getting great artwork from Michael Walsh and Mike Spicer.

Walsh is no stranger to Star Wars having previously worked on Star Wars Annual #3, and Spicer has provided excellent work as a colorist for almost every major comic publisher.  We’re going to get a series of books with beautiful cover artwork and excellent panels.

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Rogue one Screenwriter is onboard…

The comic is set to be adapted by Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta.  Whitta is well versed in Star Wars, having also worked on a handful of Rebels episodes.  He also contributed to From A Certain Point of View.

With the Novel Adaptation coming in March we’re certain that some elements that weren’t included in the film will make their way into the comic adaptation. One of those moments could be a Funeral for Resistant Hero, and Rebel Alliance Legend, Han Solo.

Gareth Edwards(r) with Gary Whitta(l);

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Another unseen moment will most likely be Luke’s third and final lesson to Rey. The Scene is rumored to have been left by Rian Johnson on the cutting room floor.

The comic, like the novel, is also expected to address some of the more polarizing scenes from the film. And it may help plug up some of the film’s Plot Holes.  Another reason why a scribe like Gary Whitta was brought in.

The six-issue miniseries will provide fans of the film another medium in which to immerse themselves into The Last Jedi.  It will also give haters of the film another target for their tirades, as no doubt the series will be as polarizing as the film, but who knows, perhaps a few fans can be brought back to the light side of the Force.

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Issues #1 and #2 of the comic version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi are expected to hit shelves this May.