Star Wars teaches us about mental health conditions

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Star Wars’ Father, Yoda.

Yoda Could Be Dyslexic

From all the others listed, this one is the most convincing. Every word he speaks is proof that he has difficulty arranging words in the correct order and probably does find it hard to read certain things sometimes. These are all signs of dyslexia.

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“Do or do not, there is no try” and “Be will I Yoda your” are 2 of the most classic examples that show verbal and reading impairment. Sites like Mindcology also explain this. So is Yoda actually dyslexic? Probably. Though it’s not confirmed there is quite a lot of evidence pointing towards it. And hey, he’d be even more of a hero for dyslexic kids to admire.

It definitely seems like there are mental health representations within the Star Wars universe, obvious or not. Representation for conditions like these is very important. They allow fans to connect with characters on another level.

Of course, we know Star Wars characters can be enjoyed by all, and these mental health conditions listed can be interpreted many different ways. You can even chalk it up to “Hey, it’s just a movie, enjoy it for what it is,” but it is very important to remember that people with mental health conditions can and do enjoy Star Wars too, and these characters can help them relate.

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No matter what deficit you may have, the force will always be with you!