Is that Kylo Ren’s helmet in the Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser trailer?


What looks to be the inspiration for Kylo Ren’s helmet appears in the Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser trailer.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming at a hypers(pace), with its release now just months away. Within the past week, we’re treated with two teaser trailers, Anthony Breznican’s coverage at Entertainment Weekly, and official posters for the upcoming standalone Star Wars film.

All sorts of goodies for us to consume, holding us over until May.

Also, if you pay close attention to the latest teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, the apparent foil for Han Solo appears to don a mask similar to that of Kylo Ren. Take a look for yourself.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

As of now, this mysterious masked man’s identity is unknown, but it sure does look familiar, doesn’t it?

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars fans made attempts at decoding the Aurebesh writing on this apparatus but were unable to translate it into Basic. Generally, in other Star Wars content, those Easter eggs are left for the hardcore fan to decode. Not this time around, however.

It’s possible this similarity is a coincidence, but within the current Star Wars canon storyline, it’s highly doubtful. If true, why would Kylo Ren model his attire after the likes of this baddie from Solo?

Maybe, Kylo Ren just enjoyed the design and added a bit of flair to the prototype of Darth Vader’s helmet. It’s rad, yet menacing look is one that any aspiring bad-guy would use to spark into the souls of his victims.

What if, these are the founders of the mysterious Knights of Ren? At this point, we know next to nothing about this Dark Side crazed-cult. It would be a surprise, but a welcome one to see their origins introduced in Solo — although highly unlikely.

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Or, this particular character may play a significant role in Han Solo’s life, one that Kylo Ren later embraces. According to The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, it’s confirmed that Snoke forbids Kylo Ren from using his real name — Ben Solo. What if using the design of one of Han Solo’s former foes is part of Ren’s right of passage of “killing” Ben Solo within himself?

"“You have too much of your father’s heart in you, young Solo.”"

Star Wars binds the galaxy together and this mask is likely connected to the canon lore in some way, shape, or form. Or, maybe Pablo Hidalgo is up to his usual game of teasing us fans, knowing we will grasp at straws looking for possible connections. Nevertheless, we will play your little game and hope that there is a connection to Kylo Ren. Speculation and fan theories are one of the best qualities of being a Star Wars fan.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts in theatres, May 25, 2018, worldwide.