Han Solo: The original Star Wars space cowboy


We are excited to see the origins of Han Solo, the original space cowboy, in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

With Solo: A Star Wars Story only months away we now, we are anxiously counting down the days until it’s arrival. Finally, after what seemed like ages, we received our first two teasers trailers for the Han Solo featured film.

The teasers provided a bit of a western vibe, portraying Han Solo not only as a scoundrel but as an actual space cowboy. Han Solo is the first and best space cowboy in the Star Wars galaxy while giving the likes of John Wayne, Dirty Harry, and Butch Cassidy a run for their money.

Now, with what we know about Han Solo and the life he leads, it’s clear he’s earned the designation as a space cowboy — a real gunslinger. He flies a cargo ship, has an enforcer sidekick, and carries his potent blaster on his hip.

The Millenium Falcon cargo ship is the futuristic version of the covered wagons of the late 1800’s, as the Americans were settling in the old west. Han Solo would’ve been the driver protecting his load from the law as he illegally transported goods. Would he have dropped the cargo at the first sign of the law enforcement presence? Hey, even the space cowboy gets boarded sometimes.

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The animal sidekick idea has been used in films before — in Roy Rogers with Bullet his trusty dog, and Dale Evans horse Buttermilk. Han’s variation is Chewbacca, with George Lucas generating the idea of Chewie from his loyal best friend, Indiana.

Lastly, how Han carries his blaster. Even in the trailer, it looks like we are going to have an old-fashioned shootout. Two men squaring off in a town square, sound familiar? At this point, Han Solo may earn the reputation as the quickest draw in the galaxy, enough so to earn the respect of Jabba the Hutt — who seems fond of the young Solo by the events of A New Hope. 

If Han Solo could have a song that best described him it would be The Joker (Space Cowboy) by the Stevie Miller Band.

"“Some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love…”"

Yup, definitely Han Solo there.

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The original space cowboy will make his return to the big screen, when Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres May 25, 2018, worldwide.