Star Wars Rebels: 4 theories that could determine the final season

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4. Is Kanan going to die?

With all this evidence, do you still think Kanan could make an entrance in the movie?

This is the 2nd theory involving Kanan and the complete opposite of what the first one entailed.

As every final season does, they go out with a bang. And every bang usually includes a death or two. Most of the Star Wars Rebels fandom speculate it to be Kanan, though that would be a bit too obvious if it is him that will end up dying. Here is a video explaining the theory behind Kanan’s supposed death:

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This is the second theory involving Kanan, and probably the most realistic. The Star Wars franchise is quite well known for ‘passing the torch,’ or in other words, repeating events.

For instance, in the mid-season finale, Hera got kidnapped by Lothal’s empire. Kanan told Ezra to lead the rescue mission since he didn’t want his feelings for her to cloud his judgment. This is all too similar to the scene of Obi-Wan Kenobi doing the same to Luke Skywalker and passing some of his own wisdom down to him.

Obi Wan-Kenobi eventually ended up dying though, the same event repeated with Yoda. Since the franchise likes to repeat specific circumstances, this could very likely occur with Kanan. He may meet his demise.

No matter what happens, Star Wars Rebels was overall a show to never forget. It was full of charisma, unforgettable characters, and incredible storylines. It will definitely be missed by the entire fandom, but it’s the key to expand the Star Wars universe.

May the force always be with you!

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Star Wars Rebels Season 4 returns on Disney XD, February 19 — this Monday night.