Star Wars Rebels: How and where to watch tonight’s episodes


Star Wars Rebels returns tonight on Disney XD. Learn how and where you can watch the final stretch of Rebels Season 4 episodes.

Star Wars Rebels returns tonight on Disney XD, with two brand-new episodes: Jedi Night and Dume. The focus will be on Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight, who is likely to become one with the Force after rescuing his beloved era. Even though we are expecting his death, the fact that it’s approaching may be too much for our hearts to handle.

For those of you wondering when and how you can watch tonight’s Star Wars Rebels episodes, fear not, we’ve got you covered with the wide variety of methods to watch it.

Watch Star Wars Rebels live on Disney XD

The old school and traditional methods are to watch Star Wars Rebels on TV. You’re thinking, what is this, the cave man era? If your provider includes  Disney XD, you’ll be able to watch the return of Rebels Season 4 at 9 EST/8 CST tonight.

Watch Star Wars Rebels on the Watch Now – Disney XD app

Available at 10 EST/CST, once the live-airing of Rebels finishes, you will immediately find the newest episodes on the Watch Now App, but will need a cable provider to view on the Watch Now App, just like you would if watching it live.

Other devices to watch the return of Rebels Season 4

Sling TV

A growing live-streaming service, Sling TV is a user-friendly method to watch your favorite shows, without having to pay for those you don’t watch. To access Rebels, you’ll have to purchase the “Sling Orange” package — with $5 a month extra to activate Disney XD. However, there are always loopholes, where you can sign up for a seven-day free trial, getting four Star Wars Rebels episodes for free, then cancel the membership. Yes, this is the way of the Dark Side, but these are desperate times.

YouTube TV

Did you know YouTube now has a live TV service? And, it provides access to 50 channels, with Disney XD among the bunch.  It costs $35 per month (the rate climbs to $40 in March), and like Sling TV, it offers a 7-day free trial.

If you have the patience of a Jedi Master and can wait up do a day after Rebels airs, then there are other options for you to consider. iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Video will each have archived Rebels episodes following their live airing.

The cheapest (and most fun) option is to find friends who have Disney XD and join “Forces” with them, turning it into a fun Star Wars Rebels watch party. You might want to provide the pizza, and beverage of choice as a thank you — it’s the Jedi way. Plus; Star Wars, Pizza, and good company are the ultimate win-win (win).

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Star Wars Rebels Season 4 returns on Disney XD, February 19 — tonight!