Star Wars Rebels: Will Kanan be the first main character to die?


The first two episode titles surfacing for Star Wars Rebels strongly hint that Kanan Jarrus may be the first to bite the dust.

Star Wars Rebels is on a collision course with the events of Rogue One and A New Hope, meaning our favorite band of rebels will soon disperse. The closer we get to the catalyst of Star Wars, the immediate doom of Kanan Jarrus gets more and more likely.

With recent Star Wars Rebels episode titles and descriptions surfacing, it strongly hints that the Jedi Knight will soon become one with the Force.

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Jedi Night – Airing February 24, 2018 

"The Ghost Crew infiltrates the Imperial headquarters on Lothal, to save one of their own."

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Dume- Airing March 3, 2018

"Reeling from a devastating loss, the Ghost crew rallies together to find a new purpose and resolve."

These titles strongly suggest that the “devastating loss’ will no doubt be Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight. The title of Episode 10 is no typo, with “night” being a play on words. Connecting that headline with the next episode “Dume” — which is Kanan’s actual last name — he is sure to meet the Maker and become one with the Force.

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In the previous episode of Rebels, Thrawn’s bodyguard Rukh captures Hera, which presents Kanan with a tremendous opportunity. Saving his one true love, Hera, is a perfect way for the noble Jedi to go out on top. He lost his way after Order 66 took everything from him, but when he meets Hera about 15 years later, she gives him purpose. Focus. Redemption. A fresh start. Love. Now an opportunity for selfless sacrifice.

There’s no better way to return the favor than laying his life down for her and his friends, which is undoubtedly going to happen. We know that Hera lives through the events of Return of the Jedi, while the fate of the others is up in the air.

But, if Kanan dies, will that send his apprentice, Ezra, spiraling down the path of the Dark Side? Or, will it inspire him to act with that same bravery later on in the season, following in his Master’s footsteps? Will the group as a whole stick together or scatter? Knowing their true resolve, no doubt it brings them closer than ever.

Also, with Luke Skywalker as the only known Light Side Force user come the events after A New Hope, it makes sense for both Ezra and Kanan’s arc to end before the events of Rogue One. Kanan’s path is clear, while Ezra’s future is clouded, but we anticipate it to be one with pain, loss, and suffering.

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Star Wars Rebels is projected for a February 24 return date. Are you ready?!