Star Wars rumors: Is “Star Wars Resistance” the next TV series?


What will be the next Star Wars animated series after Star Wars Rebels ends? New reports provide clues on a possible title.

With Star Wars Rebels full-throttle down its final stretch of episodes, rumors are buzzing on what the next animated series may be. Recently, Lucasfilm branded a trademark filing for Star Wars Resistance,  which has not gone unnoticed by savvy fans and reporters — with Yakface reporting details on what new merchandise is now owned by the Lucasfilm/Disney brand.

"Everything from toys, Christmas decorations, temporary tattoos, games, and mobile apps—under the name Star Wars: Resistance, hinting that it could be the name of a potential new show, perhaps Rebels’ animated successor, or even one of the live-action ventures for Disney’s 2019 streaming service"

It’s wise to take these rumors with a grain of Crait salt, but where there is smoke there is generally fire accompanying it. Dave Filoni also has confirmed that he is just getting started within the animated realm, with more shows in the early stages of development. What will be the successor to both The Clone Wars and Rebels? 

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A popular choice is a Ben Solo and Luke Skywalker series, taking place between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens If Star Wars Resistance is indeed the title, it would certainly feature the foundation of the Resistance against the First Order, first seen in the sequel trilogy. It’s not out of the question that a few episodes of Ben and Luke exploring the galaxy with Lor Sen Tekka could be featured.

The novel Bloodlines by Claudia Gray detailed the initial formation of the Resistance, but, there are plenty of stories left during that era. However, there is another era of a galaxy far, far away that fans want more than Skywalker Jedi adventures. Knights of the Old Republic. 

Even though that “Resistance” title has no known connection to KOTOR, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the case. Star Wars Resistance: Knights of the Old Republic has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Please, give us fans what we want — a KOTOR live-action series.

Or, this recent trademark filing could be another conquest of Disney’s quest in conquering the universe. Disney owns nearly everything under the sun; including the likes of Marvel, Star Wars, and most recently 21st Century Fox — among many, many others.

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Hopefully, this recent filing of Star Wars Resistance means that an announcement is forthcoming for the next big TV in a galaxy far, far away. The possibilities are endless, and we cannot wait to find out what Lucasfilm has cooked up within future canon content!