We now know where Solo: A Star Wars Story falls within the Star Wars timeline


Del Rey publishing reveals the proximity of Solo: A Star Wars Story to the events of A New Hope.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is approaching at lightspeed, arriving in theatres nearly two months from now. Such light is finally shining on the mysterious film, with two teaser trailers out and a full-length one expected before the May release.

Like The Last Jedi and other Star Wars films before it, Solo: A Star Wars Story will have a book adaptation of the movie — which drops the same day as the theatrical release. Thank the Maker we won’t have a four-month wait as we did with The Last Jedi novel.

Recently, Del Rey Publishing revealed where the novelization for Solo: A Star Wars Story falls among other Star Wars novels, and it’s proximity to A New HopeAccording to this timeline, Solo is plugged into the canon story before the Thrawn novel and following the upcoming prequel for the film, Last Shot. 

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Del Rey

Thrawn ends right before the events of Star Wars Rebels, which takes place five years before the Battle of Scarif in Rogue One. So, it’s likely that the Han Solo movie will end five years before we see him in A New Hope. What we gather from the teasers for Solo, the film seems to begin when Han Solo is younger — with flashbacks a definite possibility — where we may go as far back as 14-11 years before the events of the Original Trilogy.

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The age of Han Solo is still a mystery, with his exact birth year unknown within the Star Wars galaxy, at this point. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how old he is, as long as Alden Ehrenreich nails the character and we have faith that he will.

With the film taking place well into the establishment of the Galactic Empire, we no doubt will feel the oppressive vibe of the evil regime within Solo, while at the same time, glimmers of hope starting to emerge within the galaxy.

What this timeline reveal means for us Star Wars fans is that the Solo film will feature a hive of scum and villainy and who knows, he may run into some of our favorite Rebels characters in the process. It’s evident that Han Solo wants no part of the Rebellion, so it’s plausible he encountered them in his “past” and annoyed at their “do goodedness.”

This news is one step closer to when the movie hits theatres, and that’s exciting for all of us!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres May 25, 2018, worldwide, the same day as the novelization.

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