Star Wars Rebels: We know the fate of Ahsoka Tano!


We now have our answer on the Ahsoka Lives!(?) debate thanks to the latest Star Wars Rebels Season 4 episode.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 is back and better than ever. We finally know if Ahsoka lives!(?). If you want to wait for the episode itself, turn away now.


Ezra Bridger uses a time portal within the Temple of Lothal and saves Ahsoka from Darth Vader before he delivers the death blow. Yes, he time travels! To make a long story short. AHSOKA LIVES! She is not just alive within the Force but in the physical realm. It’s here that Ezra also learns his one last lesson.

Ahsoka teaches Ezra the lesson of letting go, where he finally releases his Master Kanan to the Force and his own temptation with the Dark Side of the Force — a path Anakin Skywalker chooses to neglect.

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Ezra has the chance to go back in time through the Force to save Kanan, but for the greater good, Ezra must let the past die. He must let go. And, he does. He resists the quick and easy path of the Dark Side.

"Ahsoka: “You can’t save your Master, and I can’t save mine. I’m asking you to let go.”"

Powerful, powerful words, ones that hit us to the very core. Like Ezra let’s go of his sad past, Ahsoka must let go of hers, also. They must move forward, or the Empire wins, and the Dark Side reigns. Letting go is the way of the Jedi and the Light Side of the Force.

Ahsoka then guides Ezra out of the Jedi Temple before the Emperor captures him. Before the Lothal Temple collapses, she enters the very time portal she came from, going back into the Sith Temple — on Malachor. We then see her walking down the steps of the ancient Sith Temple, where we first left her at the end of Rebels Season 2. Ahoska lives!

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"“May the Force be with you, Ezra Bridger.”"

May the Force be with you, Ahsoka. It’s so good to see you again, old friend. Now, we are left with many questions. Will she remain hidden until after the events of the Original trilogy? Or, will she join the fight one last time? Maybe, she guides Luke Skywalker in his final Jedi training or joins him upon his search for Jedi lore?

With only two episodes left, we will find out soon enough. Patience! Thank you, Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm. You gave us Star Wars fans everything we desired and more — with more gifts to come next week.

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Star Wars Rebels concludes next week on  Disney XD, with two brand new episodes — including an hour-long finale.