Star Wars Rebels series finale hits all the right notes


Star Wars Rebels series finale goes out with a bang, with Dave Filoni and the story group pulling all of the right strings.

The Star Wars Rebels series finale kicked off with a bang, with a non-stop wild ride of fun. Dave Filoni and company pulled out all of the stops, with Ezra Bridger gathering a vast array of Star Wars favorites. Clone Wars veterans Hondo Ohnaka, Rex, Greggor, Wolffe; with (sexy) Kallus, among others, joined Ezra and the rest of the Ghost crew in taking back Lothal from the Empire. Or, so they thought.

Insert Grand Admiral Thrawn, stage left. The ruthless Chiss nearly blows Ezra’s home planet, and it’s citizens to smithereens, with the young Jedi’s only option is but to surrender before everything’s destroyed.

Ezra’s scene with Thrawn is dark, intense, and as high stakes as Star Wars has ever been. Who says Star Wars Rebels is a kids show? He then takes the young Jedi to the most powerful man in the galaxy — to the Senate himself.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Emperor Palpatine appears via hologram, but in his old form — as a kind and warming presence. The very demeanor he uses in seducing Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side of the Force. Brilliant move Sheev. Brilliant. Ezra nearly falls for the seductions of the wise Sith Master, who offers Ezra a path to save his friends from certain death — just like he “promised” Anakin two decades ago.

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Ezra sees his family through a gateway in the Force, but it’s just an illusion of the Dark Side. Much like the one Yoda saw in The Clone Wars during his trials during the pursuit of eternal immortality.

But, Ezra resists, choosing the path of a Jedi instead — one of nobility and sacrifice, like his Master Kanan chose. He paid attention during his “one last lesson” shown by his Master and concluded by Ahsoka. The Emperor then returns to his true form, of pure evil.

For the first time, we see the red-robed Imperial Guards in action, as Ezra attempts to escape the clutches of the Emperor. A brief, but a rad moment, for sure. The space whales, purgill return, helping not only free the band of rebels — liberating the oppressed planet of Lothal. For good.

Ezra uses the Force and the hyper-space whales to send he, Thrawn, and the entire Imperial fleet into hyperspace, into the unknown. We have no clue if he’s dead, in the Unknown Regions of space, or if he time traveled.

As the show ends, we are taken to the future, and the fate of our rebels is revealed — fast-forwarding to right after the Battle of Endor.

Outcomes of the main characters of Star Wars Rebels

  • Kanan: Dead — sacrificed himself like a true Jedi Knight in the episode Jedi Knight
  • Zeb: Survives and returns to his homeworld of Lira San with his friend Kallus
  • Hera: Survives and settles on Endor. And, yeah. Her and Kanan have a child. Say what?!
  • Ezra: Disappears into the unknown with Thrawn and his Imperial fleet
  • Sabine: Settles on Lothal, or so we think
  • Ahsoka: She lives and the show ends with her and Sabine off to find Ezra

It’s hard to believe that Rebels is over, but we should be grateful Dave Filoni ended the show on his terms. And, he did so beautifully. We can not wait to see what Filoni has in store for us in future Star Wars animated realm and hopefully, Lucasfilm gives Filoni a live-action film of his own — he’s earned it!

Next: We know the fate of Ahsoka Tano!

Star Wars Rebels may be over, but you can rewatch your favorites for free on Disney XD.