Luke Skywalker met Wonder Woman and the internet exploded


Luke Skywalker got to meet Wonder Woman at the Oscars, and the internet has deemed it one of the best moments of the entire evening!

During the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel amassed some stars from the audience to visit moviegoers viewing Disney’s new film A Wrinkle in Time at the theater across the street. Among the celebrities chosen to participate in this entertaining event was Mark Hamill (aka the great Star Wars Jedi Master Luke Skywalker) himself.

Armed with goodies such as candy and a hot dog gun (how does that even work? I mean, are they shooting out fully assembled hot dogs? Or are they just shooting out the hot dog, and then there is a second gun that distributes buns? Are condiments somehow involved? Seems impractical to me, but I digress…), the group of intimidatingly suave individuals went to surprise a group of very lucky fans.

In the brief moments before the celebrities entered the darkened theater, Mark Hamill took the opportunity to introduce himself to the one and only Wonder Woman (aka Gal Gadot). If you didn’t get to see it live, there is a video.

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I wish I could type out an exact transcript of the interaction, but unfortunately, I cannot because Jimmy Kimmel spoke over them during the entirety of the interaction (Come on, man…).

In the fashion of a secret agent trying to lift speech from a muffled surveillance tape, I have listened to the video at least a dozen times to ascertain the exact words passed between the two stars. I’m fairly certain sure the essence of the conversation is that they were both thrilled to meet one another.

Regardless of what was specifically said, it was a delightful interaction to observe. Both were all smiles as they shook hands. The crowd loved seeing the two of them as well. The theater filled with shouts and applause as Gadot entered first with Jimmy, followed by Hamill and the others. People went wild at the sight of the beloved Luke Skywalker.

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I’m sure that all of you, like myself, wish that they had been lucky enough to be at that theatre. Maybe next year, guys, maybe next year!