Star Wars: The Last Jedi behind the scenes reveals an emotional Mark Hamill


Star Wars: The Last Jedi behind the scenes footage reveals an emotional Mark Hamill.

With the digital version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi dropping in a matter of hours now, Lucasfilm is giving us a taste of the behind the scenes from the film. With two-plus hours of goodies coming our way March 27, this will have to hold us over in the meantime.

Thank the Maker for Lucasfilm giving us a taste of the behind the scenes from The Last Jedi, especially with this gem of Mark Hamill (himself). The Jedi Master gets choked up, upon seeing his little green friend. You may want to grab some tissue yourselves; it gets really emotional.

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“It’s really getting to me.” 

Us too, Mr. Hamill. It’s moments like these and his interaction with Star Wars fans over the years that Hamill gets it. He understands just how special a galaxy far, far away is to all of us. Moments such as these are not wasted on him.

No wonder Hamills’ performance in his scene with Yoda was so powerful and believable. Mark Hamill’s emotion was raw. Pure. Real.

Where were you the first time you saw Luke Skywalker crash-land his X-wing on the swampy world of Dagobah, then encountering a surprise upon meeting the “great warrior” Yoda? Frank Oz and Hamill delivered movie magic back in 1980, which lives on nearly 40 years later.

It’s moments like these, not captured on film, which makes Star Wars unique among other franchises — bringing back nostalgia from the days of our youth.

Rian Johnson and those involved in bringing Yoda back to life knocked it out of the park. It felt like the same Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back was back on screen. In a film filled with shocking and fantastic moments, Yoda and Luke’s reunion may have topped them all.

Not only was the puppet on point and Frank Oz brilliant as always; but the lesson taught in the scene sums up the entire theme of The Last Jedi. Failure. Yoda instructs Luke Skywalker one final time, telling him that failure is a natural part of life — a lesson young Skywalker “failed” to learn and pass on.

Even though Hamill was surprised with Rian Johnson’s variation of Luke at first, he bought into to the director’s vision, delivering a fantastic performance in The Last Jedi, one that gets me emotional as he did on set of the movie.

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The digital copy of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is available tomorrow, while the physical copy hits stores on March 27.

Pre-order your copy here, which includes the digital version.