8 Seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars were recorded, say what?


In a recent interview with Rob Paulsen, James Arnold Taylor talks about bringing the voice of Obi-Wan to life in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

James Arnold Taylor had some seriously large boots to fill in terms of emulating the beloved Ewan McGregor who portrayed the Jedi Master in the prequel films. In my opinion, he did an excellent job imitating McGregor.

In the interview, Taylor weaves seamlessly in and out of his Obi-Wan voice as well as lapsing briefly into Ringo Starr’s Liverpool accent. He talked about the intricacies of his appointment to voice Obi-Wan; because, he wasn’t just imitating McGregor. Taylor talks about how, when he originally heard McGregor’s Kenobi, he was imitating Alec Guinness – the original cloaked hermit on Tatooine.

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So, he wasn’t really just doing McGregor. According to Taylor, he was “doing Ewan McGregor, doing Alec Guinness, doing Obi-Wan Kenobi.” Man, that’s a tall order. I personally think that he did a fantastic job. When I first heard him, I wondered if maybe it was the great Ewan McGregor himself.

But here’s the real heard hitting fact from this interview: there were almost eight seasons of Clone Wars recorded! For those of you who hard die-hard fans like myself, this news is just devastating.  There are two seasons of animated goodness that we the loyal, devoted following of this series have not been given the privilege of viewing.

Disney, how could you do this to us? Does this mean that they recorded all those scenes that they recorded some of those phenomenal scenes discussed in the Ahsoka’s Untold Tales Panel? Do we get to see her reunite with Anakin? Or maybe find out more about Master Yoda’s journey to learn about communing with those who have become one with the Force? Whatever Dave Filoni had planned for the next couple of seasons, I for one would have liked to get to experience it.

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Would you all have liked to see the series continue? What would you have hoped to see more of in Seasons 7 and 8 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Let us know in the comments!