Solo: A Star Wars Story Funko Pops reveal secret spoilers from film


Solo: A Star Wars Story Funko Pops hide secrets from the upcoming Star Wars film; which we uncover. Minor spoilers for Solo ahead. Proceed with caution.

Solo: A Star Wars Story continues to build a frenzy of speculation and suspense. A sneak-peek at the first few Pop vinyl figures from Funko might hide a spoiler or two for the fans willing to suss them out.

The May the Funkos Be With You page on Instagram offers a few quick pics that allude to magnificent secrets coming from the spinoff page.

Perhaps the most detailed pic isn’t exactly it’s most revealing. Here we have the Star Wars take on the Army Ranger, the Range Trooper, who is dedicated to exploring potentially hospitable worlds throughout the Empire.

 In a cutesy, all-vinyl form. Next, to the Range Trooper, the arguably real hero of the saga appears in his own, early-20s super-deformed take. As a big fan of both Han Solo and Funko Pops, I will attest that the soulless black eyes only add to the piece. Really!

Here we have the back of the box. This part is usually only interesting to toy collectors who are budgeting for the whole series (and it only shows the commons from the series, at that)! But since merchandise is coming out ahead of the movie, we can glean a bit from the images on the back. Some things were known to us; others require the Force and a bit of suspension of disbelief.

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Let’s take a closer look. First, we have a new name — Rio Durant. We now know that he’s voiced by Jon Favreau, the man who is a driving force behind Iron Man and at least partly responsible for the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His character’s name seems an obvious nod to Duran Duran, much like the Ello Asty nod to the Beastie Boys, so it’s possible he has different feelings on sand than Lord Vader.

The droid is L3-37, which we are guessing will be pronounced “Elle-3-37” and not “leet.” She’ll probably be nicknamed “Ellie.”

We hope. Chewbacca is also here sporting signature sunglasses fresh off his cover for Entertainment Weekly.

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The only other real piece of note is Enfys Nest. We did not yet have a name for this character, who appears in the trailer in a Wild West shootout with our beloved scruffy-looking nerf herder. We still don’t know who the actor is behind the mask, which leads to rampant speculation that Enfys could be everyone from Boba Fett to a time-traveling Ben Solo. And since that helmet still looks like a prototype of Kylo Ren’s …

While this first look isn’t as spectacular as, say, a hanging bedroom custom-built to look like the Falcon’s cockpit, it does help fuel the speculation.

Next: Solo will see the return of a famous villain?

All of which will build to crescendo with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story on May 25, 2018. We’ll be there with up-to-the-minute coverage on the suaveness of Lando, the awesomeness of Val, and what Chewie is sporting on the red carpet.