Star Wars Hasbro’s Jabba the Hutt collectable recap and what else we want to see produced!


Star Wars Hasbro recently released new Jabba the Hutt collectible. What can we expect to see next?

News recently broke out that Hasbro has released new Star Wars collectibles prototypes. Specifically, they’ve created a replica of sail barge of Jabba the Hutt from Return of The Jedi. This mighty prize has many collectors in awe.

In addition to this, Entertainment Weekly announced that an exclusive 3.75” Yakface figure from The Vintage Collection will be included with the Sail Barge. How awesome is that?!

Their crowdsource called HasLab said that if they’re able to get up to 5000 people to sign up for buying the sail barge, production will begin immediately. Below are some of the first-look images we have of what the sail will potentially look like, and they’re so visually accurate it’s scary (in a good way!)

Credit: HasLab

For a prototype, this sail is pretty damn beautiful. The sail barge itself looks pretty big and the color palette they used is so earthy, but yet so beautiful.

Credit: HasLab

I’m no artist but, this prototype is nothing less than a masterpiece in the works.

Credit: HasLab

Lots of time and effort is being put into this. You can tell this by the intricacy and the detailing, that makes this reproduction so true to the actual sail in the movie. The little figurines inside the ship are really cute too.

Credit: HasLab

Hasbro is going all out with this Star Wars project, and I’m really excited to see what the final outcome will be. At this point, I really hope they’re close to reaching their 5000 contributor goal, so they can begin production immediately.

But what’s next for Star Wars collectibles?

There are already a ton of different Star Wars collectibles available in stores and online. One thing that would be lovely to see, is to see Hasbro take something like a Star Destroyer, and create it into something as detailed as this sail barge.

It would also be really nice to have a vintage version of it available rather than all the plastic ones. It would make it feel more valuable, especially to collectors. This same concept could perhaps be applied to the character’s own personal collectibles, like Han Solo’s dice.

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As mentioned in the video above, one of the rarest collectibles is the Jawa figurine. The cape is made out of vinyl, which is the only reason it is considered rare. I’d love to see underrated characters like Qui-Gon Jinn or even the stormtroopers have collectibles made that include vinyl features.

There are also many collectibles that were never produced or were immediately canceled soon after release.

Hasbro could possibly take one of those and completely revamp it. I’m sure collectors would like that. Some of my favorites include the famous rocket-launcher Boba Fett figurine and the Micro Machines collection.

"“Unmade sets included an Hoth Bacta Tank, an extension to the released Death Star to add the Throne Room from Return of the Jedi, and Yoda’s hut on Dagobah, which all made it to concept and prototype stages before being cancelled.” – Gizmodo"

Hasbro’s Star Wars collectibles will be something legendary

The sail has given Hasbro a strong starting point for their 2018 collection. The feedback from social media has also been relatively positive. To build upon this, perhaps altering classic ideas that never made it to market will be a good move for Hasbro.

Even if they don’t and decide to do something completely different with their vintage collectibles, it’s all very exciting!

Other vintage collectibles that would be beautiful to have produced are things out of the recent movies. Say, Rey’s lightsaber, Poe’s X-Wing fighter or something along those lines.

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The future for Hasbro’s 2018 collectibles seems promising, and I have no doubt whatever they plan on producing next will be nothing short of stunning. May the force be with you!