Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization reveals fate of Luke Skywalker’s green-bladed lightsaber


The Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization’s filled with all sorts of extra goodies, including what became of the green blade of Luke Skywalker.

Where in the Force is the green-blade of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?  The first time that glowing neon blad flowed on screen in Return of the Jedi, I was in love.

Thankfully, the Jedi weapon does appear during Luke’s (flashback) confrontation with Kylo Ren, but in “real-time” during the movie, is nowhere in sight. Did Luke bury the ancient weapon with his TX-65 X-wing within the ocean floor of Ahch-To? Or, did Kylo Ren take it as a prize after he destroyed his Uncle’s Jedi Order?

Evidently, none of the above.

At the conclusion of The Last Jedi novelization, author Jason Fry casually reveals the fate of an iconic Jedi relic; the very green-blade of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Apparently, the Caretakers of the ancient island now possess the green-blade.

"She directed another daughter to take his weapon, his star compass, and his strange other gear to the repository, where it would join other items gathered over the generations."

The compass referenced is the one from the canon storyline in Star Wars Battlefront II, the very item Luke recovers in his quest of collecting Jedi lore across the galaxy. According to The Last Jedi Visual Guide, the compass guides Luke to the first Jedi temple on Ahch-To.

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It’s fitting that Luke’s green-bladed lightsaber joins other Jedi artifacts from over thousands of generations, right where it belongs — among the legends of the galaxy.

Will it stay under the care of the island natives or will Rey return to collect the lightsaber? Honestly, Rey returning to Ahch-To would make little sense, because she already possesses the remaining ancient Jedi texts needed to continue the Jedi religion.

Even though the blue-blade of Anakin Skywalker is destroyed, the kyber crystal is not. It’s likely those old “manuals” contain instructions on how to construct a lightsaber — hopefully, Rey builds a double-bladed variation out of her staff. That would be so bad ass!

Anyways, Luke’s green-blade needs to rest in peace on Ahch-To, where it belongs — while the legend of Luke Skywalker will live on through Rey’s legacy. I’m just glad I can rest easy knowing that the beloved weapon of Skywalker is in safe hands.

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