Star Wars fans petition Meryl Streep for the role of Leia in Episode IX


Wild Star Wars “rumors” are floating around that Meryl Streep may be in the running for the role of Leia in Star Wars: Episode IX. Are they indeed true? If so, is it a good idea to recast the character?

Even though it’s been well over one year since the untimely death of our beloved Star Wars Princess Leia in Carrie Fisher, a major tremor in the Force is still felt — leaving a gaping hole that will never be filled again.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi said farewell to Carrie Fisher, and her iconic character Leia, as well as it could under the circumstances. For the first time on screen, we saw the precious Princess epically use the Force, literally flying in space — I gasped in the theatre when I saw that moment for the first time.

Accidentally, no doubt the will of the Cosmic Force, we were not only given a Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia reunion but an unplanned farewell to Carrie Fisher herself with Mark Hamill himself doing the honors.

“No one’s ever really gone.”

As far as Hollywood’s concerned, the show must go on without Carrie Fisher, which we’ll never be able to do adequately, honestly. With Star Wars: Episode IX around the corner, what in the Force will Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, and the Lucasfilm story group do with the beloved character of Leia?

Honestly, there are just a handful of viable options on how to move on without Carrie Fisher as Leia in Episode IX — some which are likely not to happen.

  1. CGI, much like Rogue One — which Lucasfilm says they will not do. 
  2. Write her story off in the opening crawl for Star Wars: Episode IX
  3. End her story arc in a Star Wars canon novel
  4. Kill Leia on screen Episode IX, without showing the character up close
  5. Recast Leia

Recently, wild Star Wars “rumors” surfaced that Meryl Streep is considering taking over for Carrie Fisher as Leia in Episode IX. Remember, anytime rumors such as these surface; we need to take them with a grain of sand (I hate sand) and dig further.

Evidently, it’s actually an online petition which is generating a considerable amount of buzz, pleading Streep to finish what Fisher started with Leia.

"“As the fans of STAR WARS and Carrie Fisher, we really want Leia to shine in Episode IX and we certainly do not want her to be written out of the film abruptly without a reasonable plot. Therefore, recasting Leia is a more ideal option for us and we believe that Meryl Streep is an ideal candidate to play Leia.”"

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Fisher and Streep became friends on the set of the film Postcard From The Edge, one that Fisher wrote herself. The film is based off a (mostly) autobiographical novel about Carrie Fisher growing up under the famous actress Debbie Reynolds. Suzanne Vale, played by Streep in the movie, is based on the real-life Fisher.

What a perfect transition for Streep not only to play a character based on Fisher in Vale but one that is an extension of her in Leia. I love this possibility, and Lucasfilm needs to consider this idea seriously.

According to both Mark Hamill and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, Leia’s role in Episode IX would have been prominent; front in center like Ford was in The Force Awakens and Hamill in The Last Jedi. 

I honestly believe Fisher would want Leia to receive a proper sendoff, even if it means someone else reprising the role. And, we have that person, if she’s willing, in Meryl Streep.

The petition concludes with:

"“We strongly believed that she is the best hope for us to see the legacy of Carrie Fisher in Episode IX. May the force be with Carrie Fisher, Meryl Streep and Princess Leia.”"

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Honestly, Leia’s character deserves a satisfying ending in Star Wars: Episode IX and what better person to do so than Carrie Fisher’s dear friend Meryl Streep?