Star Wars: Is Mark Hamill really not returning for Episode IX?


After a recent interview, Mark Hamill shared his thoughts on his future with the Star Wars galaxy, specifically regarding Episode IX. We get to the bottom of these “rumors.”

Mark Hamill recently let it all out, including his thoughts on the upcoming 2019 release of Star Wars: Episode IX. In an intimate setting, the entire Hamill household joined Mark Hamill himself in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America — which is loads of fun!

During the sit-down, Hamill discusses his long, happy marriage, life in Star Wars, without Star Wars, then bringing the band back together for one last hurrah in the newest sequel trilogy.

"“It really has tarnished my ability to enjoy it to its fullest. You were asking earlier, ‘Are you going to come back?’ I don’t care anymore on that level because Han Solo is gone, Luke is gone. And you just can’t get the band back together the way you wanted it to be.”"

Naturally, Star Wars news “sources” took this sound bite and ran with it, with headlines encompassing the angle: “Mark Hamill won’t return for Star Wars: Episode IX.” Upon further inspection, and careful listening, that’s not what Hamill is saying at all; not in the slightest.

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All he’s saying here is that it will never be the same within a galaxy far, far away without Carrie Fisher (Rest in Peace, Princess), and Harrison Ford — whose character met his doom in The Force Awakens. 

He is NOT saying what many “reports” are indicating; that Hamill will not return for the next film. That’s a flat-out lie and stretching of the truth at the very least.

Hamill has always done what’s best for the franchise, with The Last Jedi a prime example of that truth. Initially, he and Rian Johnson had different visions for the character of Luke Skywalker — with Johnson going an entirely different direction than Hamill anticipated. 

“This is not going to go the way you think.”

Instead of complaining about the new direction of Luke Skywalker, Hamill delivered the goods and later admitted that he was glad to be wrong about Johnson’s portrayal of the iconic character.

Shifting back to Star Wars: Episode IX. The same likely rings true here, with the final installment of the newest trilogy. Even though Hamill seems devastated without his dynamic duo at his side, he’ll undoubtedly be around for Episode IX — based upon his past trends with the franchise.

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Star Wars: Episode IX debuts in December of 2019, with Mark Hamill likely to return to the role of Luke Skywalker (we hope). Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, without checking all the facts first!

Hamill’s involvement with Episode IX is up in the air, and we’ll wait until an official announcement by Lucasfilm to know for sure.