Star Wars Millennium Falcon ride footage leaks and boy are we excited, you should be too! (Video)


Star Wars Millennium Falcon ride has leaked, and Increases Excitement for Solo: A Star Wars Story!

A demo video of the Millennium Falcon ride at Disneys Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars parks has leaked. From the footage, it seems like we’ll get an experience like never before, for fans of all ages.

Don’t freak out, but guests will be able to pilot the Falcon, including firing and dodging opponents — like Han Solo and Rey in the films! Apparently, Disney wants us to know what it’s like to pilot the Falcon — who’s complaining?! We’re not complaining!

Though the wait for this ride will undoubtedly be really, really long, the video below makes it seem totally worth the wait of a stay inside of the Sarlacc pit, if need be. The footage was taken at the GPU Technology conference, and the ride is still in its development stages. But this video offers insight of what experience guests will receive.

"“Lucky riders will be able to pilot the spaceship, shoot at things and try and dodge enemy fire” – The Sun"

We’re all familiar with the Millennium Falcon, its ins, and outs, who rides it all the time (cough cough, Han Solo) and its significance. But as executive Scott Trowbridge says:“Until you climb through that hatch, walk through her hallways, sit inside the cockpit, power her up and actually fly her yourself, it’s not quite the same.”

If you’re as stoked as I am and can’t wait for the release of the ride in 2019, then here’s a real Google Maps image of the Falcon. No really, it’s on Google Maps.

Disney, you need to find a way to more sneaky about this!

What makes this ride more anticipating is that all the footage shown was in real time. Yeah, I’m as shocked as you are. The team producing this ride sure want us to have such an experience in the Millennium Falcon as, say, Han Solo does.

The best love story in Star Wars is with Han and The Falcon — Han’s one true love. His number one girl. With the Han Solo featured movie coming out, we’ll receive plenty more shots of the Falcon in its earlier years and how Han bonded with it — making a few modifications in the process.

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Disney wants all Star Wars fanatics to feel what Han feels riding the Millennium Falcon, and by the looks of the leaked footage, it’s going to be impressive. This will add to the thrill of the Falcon ride, don’t you think?

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres May 25th Worldwide. May the force be with you!