Star Wars Battlefront II: Embrace your inner Ewok in a brand new Imperial hunting mode


Photo Credit: Lucasfilm, EA

There’s a new update out for Star Wars Battlefront II that lets players relive the chaotic ‘indigenous creatures vs. Galactic Empire’ Battle of Endor.

Star Wars Battlefront II has been out since November, but it just got a massive update. The update’s main attraction is a new game mode called “Ewok Hunt,” which lets players clash as both Ewoks and Stormtroopers under Endor’s night sky.

Ewok Hunt is simple: One player starts as an Ewok while the others begin as Imperial Stormtroopers. The Ewoks’ goal is to wipe out the Stormtroopers before they can be extracted. As Stormtroopers are eliminated, they respawn as Ewoks. Eventually, the Ewoks outnumber the troopers as they desperately try to survive the night.

In Battlefront II, Ewoks are equipped with spears, tripwires, and Wisties, which they can throw at Stormtroopers to disorient them. It initially seems like the Ewoks have a distinct disadvantage in terms of weapons technology. However, as their numbers grow, the Ewoks begin to overpower the Empire, just like in Return of the Jedi.

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The intriguing part of this new mode is that it takes place at night. No… really… It’s pitch black. As a Stormtrooper, you’re equipped with a standard blaster rifle and a flashlight. Your flashlight only lasts a certain amount of time until it has to recharge.

Being a Stormtrooper in Ewok Hunt is a thrilling experience that feels like a legitimate survival horror game. You can’t see a thing outside the glow of your flashlight as the chilling sound of Ewok war horns call out in the night from afar. It’s a truly unique gaming experience.

If the Stormtroopers successfully survive the night, they’re rescued by an Imperial shuttle. If the Ewoks successfully eliminate all of the Imperial forces, they get to begin their celebration, yub nub and all.

The only issue with Ewok Hunt is that it’s a “limited-time game mode.” Hopefully, this is merely EA’s way of getting players to try out the new mode right away.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm, EA

It just doesn’t make sense to remove such a fun mode from the game. In fact, it brings back memories of the early struggles of Battlefront II thanks to EA’s questionable business strategies.

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Hopefully, if Ewok Hunt does remain “limited-time,” it’s brought back often so players can enjoy it over and over again.

Download the Ewok Hunt update for Star Wars Battlefront II now.