Solo: A Star Wars Story main character descriptions reveal interesting details

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Tobias Beckett: Played by Woody Harrelson

"Tobias Beckett is someone who certainly had an influence on Han in his early years before audiences first met the space pilot in a hoodlum-filled cantina on Tatooine. Beckett is a seasoned, no-nonsense survivor, forever working the angles to make sure he always comes out ahead of the game. Sound familiar?"

Right away, we learn that Han Solo adopts Tobias Beckett’s style of living. I’m calling it now, but I bet Tobias Beckett doesn’t make it out of the film alive, which will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the young Han Solo — especially if Beckett is betrayed by someone within his crew.

"Beckett has assembled a team of specialized scoundrels to carry out a series of risky but profitable heists, and when he needs some extra hands for one particular job, he allows young Han and his Wookiee partner-in-crime, Chewbacca, to tag along."

It’s clear that this heist Tobias Beckett is putting together is not his first rodeo and sounds like he would fit right in with the Oceans 11 crew.

"If it comes down to a fight, Beckett is as happy to take on his enemies in hand-to-hand combat as he is to blast them to smithereens, using the pair of mismatched blasters that are never far from his side."

Tobias Beckett is much like Han Solo when we meet him in the first Star Wars film A New Hope. It appears Han Solo becomes Tobias Beckett 2.0 until he meets a certain farmboy, Princess, and crazy old hermit — who change his life forever.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Q’ira: Played by Emilia Clarke

"As a child Qi’ra was just another powerless street urchin, making her way as best she could on the grim thoroughfares of Corellia. Running with a street kid named Han, she was determined to move up in the world and gain status and reputation. As she got older, Qi’ra had grown into an independent young woman – clever and calculating, with a sophisticated edge and a knack for devious skullduggery."

Even though they grow up and become childhood friends,  Q’ira and Han Solo’s lives take entirely different paths once they grow up. That’s crystal clear within the narration of the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, where she calls Han Solo “rough around the edges.”

"Qi’ra is a secretive woman of the shadows, but who she really is is hidden away, and visible only to those she trusts. When her path crosses with Han’s once again, Qi’ra is destined to become an influential force in the life of the young smuggler."

The final part of Q’ira’s description is a bit cryptic but leaves the door open for her potentially being the woman behind the mask of Enfys Nest. At the very least, Q’ira will spark up some memories of a past that he longs to forget, which will create a bit of emotional depth within Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

Han Solo: Played Alden Ehrenreich

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Last, and certainly not least, the man, the myth, the legend behind Solo: A Star Wars Story; Han Solo himself.

"Times are tough under Imperial rule, with planets across the galaxy feeling the pressure of the Emperor’s iron grip. One such world that has seen better days is Corellia, transformed by the Galactic Empire into one of its principle starship production facilities, it’s famous shipyards now churning out TIE fighters, Star Destroyers and many other weapons of Imperial domination."

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Off the bat, we get a taste of Han Solo’s homeworld. I always imagined Corellia to be a place much like Alderaan, Canto Bight, or someplace glorious. That may be true for certain aspects of the world, but it appears that it’s a dark and dire place — which is what happens when an area is under Imperial control.

"To survive the harsh reality that has befallen his homeworld, a young street thief named Han spends his days running scams while working for a notorious Corellian gang, stealing what he can and cutting deals on behalf of his ill-tempered crime boss. Han is unrefined, reckless, and continuously getting himself into scrapes – then improvising his way out of them."

Improvision. Does that sound familiar and much like the Han Solo we all know and love?

"Never one to plan too far ahead, Han goes where opportunity calls. Determined to become “the best pilot in the galaxy”, he enlists in the Imperial navy only to find himself kicked out of the flight academy for “having a mind of his own”."

It appears this mind of his own gets Han Solo into a few Imperial entanglements and trouble, but also later leads to a life of heroism and sacrifice.

"But he’s about to meet a charismatic rogue named Tobias Beckett, a man who will have an enormous impact on the kind of person Han is destined to become."

Maybe, Tobias Beckett turns out to be a man of real character, and Han Solo wants to stay away from a life of sacrifice. It’s more likely that Tobias Beckett is more like we mentioned before — a man who does what it takes to survive at all costs. One that rides “Solo.”

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These descriptions shine a bit more light on the characters of Solo: A Star Wars Story, without giving too much away. Is it Memorial Day yet?

Solo A Star Wars Story debuts May 25, 2018, worldwide.

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