Star Wars rumors: Will Mara Jade be Rey’s mother in Star Wars: Episode IX?


Star Wars rumors are stirring that Rey and Mara Jade may share a connection, a significant one possibly revealed in Star Wars: Episode IX.

Star Wars: Episode IX is over a year away from release, yet crazy Star Wars rumors for the film are already flying out of control, like the Millennium Falcon inside of an asteroid field. Even though Rian Johnson made it kyber crystal clear that Rey is a “nobody,” many Star Wars fans are still clinging to hope that J.J. Abrams will deviate from the plotted course — making her a “somebody.”

Leave it to the Star Wars: Episode IX casting call, for a new character, to stir up a nest of Gundarks full of Star Wars rumors. According to, Lucasfilm/Disney is seeking a female role for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX. Not just any female role, but that of “Mara.”

For those of you dedicated Star Wars faithful, that name holds considerable significance within a galaxy far, far away. Even though Mara Jade’s now within the Star Wars Legends vault, would Lucasfilm/Disney consider opening the safe holding the beloved (former) Expanded Universe favorite?

I have to admit; this would be a fantastic way to kick off the promotion of Star Wars: Episode IX. First off, the thought of a Force ghost Luke Skywalker is fresh enough by itself, but now the idea of Mara Jade’s return is growing on me a bit.

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Initially, I dismissed this thought immediately, but upon giving it more consideratoin, I’m starting to come around a bit. It would actually make logical sense to bring Mara Jade into the current Star Wars canon timeline.

Technically, Mara Jade is a nobody in the current story arc so that it wouldn’t make a liar out of Rian Johnson, the Lucasfilm story group, or even Kylo Ren himself.

Personally, Rey not having any connection to a famous Jedi or Sith was a surprise (but a welcome one) for me in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 

However, many fans were not happy with Rey’s parentage choice, and other decisions that Rian Johnson made in regards to The Last Jedi.

Bringing Mara Jade back into the mold, especially as Rey’s mother, could be a way to cure the internal fighting that’s plaguing a galaxy far, far away — and I’m cool with the idea of this peace offering.

The casual Star Wars fan would have no clue who she is and would oblivious to the reveal. While on the other hand, the hardcore portion of the fandom would lose their minds — including myself.

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However, Mara Jade’s return is of Star Wars rumors or Legends; improbable to happen during Star Wars: Episode IX. Mara Jade’s name has circulated since The Force Awakens and it’s likely the same buzz with Star Wars: Episode IX will be much of the same — with no Mara Jade. But, unlike before, I’m open to the idea, if it will bring even a fraction of sanity and harmony within a galaxy far, far away.

J.J. Abrams, you have your hands full and in the midst of a lose-lose (lose) situation for Star Wars: Episode IX, no matter what you decide to do with Rey, Mara Jade, and the other touchy issues facing the Star Wars galaxy.