Solo: A Star Wars Story: Dialogue for Han Solo’s foil Enfy’s Nest surfaces


More details emerge on Han Solo’s foil, Enfy’s Nest, in Solo: A Star Wars Story — including dialogue, detailed images, and more!

Justin Timberlake “It’s Gonna be May,” memes are dropping, meaning that the Star Wars granddaddy of them all — May the 4th (be with you) is now days away. Not only that, we are getting a new Star Wars movie this month in Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

Did you hear me, we are getting a new story within a galaxy far, far away in a matter of days? What a time to be alive and to be a Star Wars fan!

Solo: A Star Wars Story appears to be a unique addition to a galaxy far far away, with more of a western vibe to it. We know that Han Solo will have a wild-west duel with a character named Enfy’s Nest, one shrouded in mystery.

He’s, or she is the one with the Kylo Ren/Mandalorian looking helmet. There have been conflicting reports whether Enfy’s Nest is male or female, but after hearing audio from the character, it’s almost certainly a women’s voice.

I’m convinced that Han Solo’s childhood friend Qi’ra is behind the mask and will be the one who betrays him, but I digress.

New details recently emerged, providing us with more information about Han Solo’s adversary from Solo: A Star Wars Story. did all the dirty work, gathering all of the juicy details on this shadowy pirate, crimelord.

"“The only law out here is my law”. “Marauders, bring me their weapons!” “Marauders, show no mercy!” “Let’s move out. It’s time to bring home some credits.” “The war has just begun.” “The prize will be mine!”"

Enfy’s Nest views herself and the rest of her Cloud Riders gang as the law of the land. Han Solo undoubtedly takes issue with this and stands up to them.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The Marvel Star Wars Darth Vader No.16 comic reveals Enfy’s Nest on its variant cover, giving us a detailed look at the menacing figure. She(?) is no doubt, someone, you don’t want to mess with, and Han Solo best shoot first if he wants to escape their showdown unscathed.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres May 25, worldwide.

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