Star Wars, politics have always gone hand in hand even before The Last Jedi

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Photo Credit: []LucasfilmAnother point that Hello Greedo brings up is when other people assume they know him and his political views, yet attack him anyways.

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I can personally attest to that very thing of late, with YouTube bullies and self-proclaimed authorities on Star Wars (and life) calling me out when they do not know me.

All I did was make an observation,  poking  fun at a video that was cheesy, entitled, with a look at me vibe,  and their followers came after me for having an opinion of my own. Instead, they assumed they know my background, when they have no idea.

I must have hit pretty close to the mark to get them riled up like that.

Like Hello Greedo, I spent time in the military, six years in fact in the United States Air Force as a medic. During my time in the Air Force, I experienced diversity in its purest form.

People from different walks of life were coming together to form one cohesive unit — those of varying color culture, orientation, backgrounds, and experience.

During my two deployments to Iraq, as medics, we treated both the “enemy” and our allies without discrimination.

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I know what the power of diversity accomplishes, even bringing friend and foe to a common ground of understanding. Star Wars is finally embracing that aspect in entirety, and it’s a beautiful thing.