Her Universe’s new Ahsoka Tano activewear is a must buy!


I’m sure all of you have seen the new Ahsoka Tano activewear outfit on Her Universe. Those of you who have not, you should definitely go check it out!

I was very fortunate to receive early media access to this fantastic Ahsoka Tano inspired outfit but was sworn to secrecy until the apparel became available through Her Universe. Not the embargo has been lifted, and I can share with you all what an absolutely fantastic product this is!

Whether you are looking to run errands or run a marathon, this is the outfit for you. The outfit includes a sports bra, leggings, and a jacket. The gear is a replica of a later teenage Ahsoka Tano costume from The Clone Wars animated series – which is coincidentally my favorite Ahsoka look so naturally I was SUPER excited (I might have squealed a little when they came in the mail).

The racerback sports bra is maroon and orange to mimic the maroon top that Ahsoka has in the series as well as her orange skin tone. On the front of the bra, in gold foil, is the Fulcrum symbol.

The grey workout leggings have orange mesh cutouts so that it looks just like the pants that Ahsoka wears throughout her later teen years in The Clone Wars series. Also, on the upper left hip of the leggings is the Fulcrum symbol in silver foil.

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Oh, and fortunately Ashley Eckstein is a big believer in pockets so the pants have a little zipper key pocket on the back of the pants so you don’t have to carry your keys in your hand while you run!

Finally, the jacket! Oh man, you guys, the jacket is so cool! It is a mixture of a smooth maroon material and orange mesh (just like on the pants and bra). There’s even a cool nod to Ahsoka’s montrals in the form of a blue and white striped collar and shoulder panels!  And, of course, it has pockets too!

This outfit is amazing! And I’m not going to lie to you all; it’s so incredibly comfortable that I took a nap in it the other day. I realize that this isn’t the purpose of activewear, but seriously, the material is so soft, it’s like being dressed in a cloud or wrapped up in angels’ wings.

I bet you want to nap in too now, huh? Well, go for it, friends. There is no shame in that!

Once you’re done taking that nap, it’s also a great outfit to work out in. The fabric is incredibly breathable and flexible, so it moves perfectly with your body while you jump, run, lift, or do yoga.

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Sizes are selling out fast so get yourself over to Her Universe and purchase this incredible, one of a kind workout outfit so that you can rep your love of Ahsoka Tano at the gym! Also, while you’re there, you should check out all the other awesome Star Wars apparel on the site! She has a retro Solo collection that has rocked my world!