Lando Calrissian likely next Star Wars spinoff film according to Kathleen Kennedy


Lando Calrissian is likely to be the next Star Wars standalone film according to Kathleen Kennedy. More Donald Glover, please!

From day one, the consensus of Star Wars fans was onboard when Lucasfilm announced that Donald Glover would play a young Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story. In fact, within our Star Wars community at Dork Side of the Force, fans would rather have seen Lando: A Star Wars Story instead of Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

Now it appears, we will soon have both, with Kathleen Kennedy telling Premiere in a recent interview:

"“We think the next Star Wars spin-off will be dedicated to Lando Calrissian.”"

Update at 12:45 EST 5/16/2018

According to Premiere magazine.

"Following the publication of our article, Lucasfilm informs us that there would have been a misunderstanding between our journalist and Kathleen Kennedy.“We would love to tell a story about Lando Calrissian one day, but it’s not relevant, it would be fun to tell the story of Han and Chewie …”"

So which is it? It’s to tell whether this was a slip from the journalist or if Kathleen Kennedy revealed too much and is backtracking. Nevertheless, a Lando Calrissian Star Wars movie would be loads of fun!

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Donald Glover even knew he was the right choice and celebrated the casting in style himself. 

Donald Glover must have knocked it out of the park if they are willing to fork out the cash in making a Lando Calrissian origins story so close to the Han Solo origins story — depending on what next truly means.

Depending on your (certain point of view) next could mean a great many things. From the context of the interview, it seems Kathleen Kennedy is implying that it follows Solo: A Star Wars Story within the chronology of the Star Wars canon. 

Those of you hoping for an Obi-Wan film, don’t sweat it. There’s enough smoke generating to know that an Obi-Wan movie is going to happen and likely in 2020 before a Lando Calrissian movie.

For some reason, Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm are keeping their Sabacc cards to their chest on Kenobi, but for Lando Calrissian, they neglect in using their poker face, their poker face — muh muh muh muh.

It’s evident that Donald Glover portrays Lando Calrissian flawlessly, but could a Lando movie work in terms of great storytelling? Is there enough meat to fill an entire Lando film? Absolutely.

We receive a little taste of it within the Lando Marvel Comics series, which is second only to both Darth Vader run. If you are late to the party, you definitely need to check it out. 

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Kathleen Kennedy’s “reveal” is not a surprise and is more than welcome. More Donald Glover makes the galaxy a better place for us all. Oh, and while you’re at it Mrs. Kennedy, confirm the Obi-Wan standalone story.