Rian Johnson wanted The Last Jedi to destroy the Star Wars fandom


Writer and director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, wanted the film to destroy the Star Wars fandom — from a certain point of view.

Rian Johnson made it abundantly clear in Star Wars: The Last Jedi that he is letting the past die, killing it, in fact, from a certain point of view. The Star Wars film that shattered the fanbase, which the franchise still has not recovered from — with all-out civil war breaking out in the process.

Honestly, it’s best for the Star Wars franchise, in the long run, weeding out the entitled and salty “fans” who are toxic — sucking the life out of the fanbase. Good riddance to you all, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Enjoy your Solo: A Star Wars Story “boycott” and making videos full of hatred and lies.

We can thank Rian Johnson for this gift, where it’s better to move on without the people who do not genuinely appreciate the Star Wars franchise. Apparently, Rian Johnson’s goal when making films was to divide its fans and boldly challenge the status quo.

An interview from a long time ago recently surfaced, when Rian Johnson was in the midst of promoting his film Brick back around 2004. What he says here is shocking and quite frankly, kind of amazing.

"“I would be worried if everybody across the board was like ‘yeah, it was a good movie’ it’s much more exciting to me when you get a group of people who are coming up to you who are really really excited about it. Then there are other people who walk out literally saying ‘it’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen.’ Having those two extremes is the mark of the type of movie that I want to make.”"

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He took the same approach when creating Star Wars: The Last Jedi, that’s for sure.

Some people just like to watch the world burn, in this case, the Star Wars universe. Honestly, this is the best possible thing for the franchise moving forward.

With a solid portion of the franchise looking at the Star Wars galaxy through an original trilogy colored lens and not accepting fans who enjoy the prequels and new material; it’s time for those fanboys to move on.

If you don’t like the daring tone of the franchise, you don’t have to watch it. Stick solely to the original trilogy initial editions and Legends material. They haven’t gone anywhere. Embrace what you love, not what you hate.

You’re holding on. Let go!

Find something you love, instead of spewing hate and anger towards the current ambassadors of quan for a galaxy far, far away. We don’t like your kind around here, stay outside of the establishment with the droids, please.

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Rian Johnson is right. Taking a story and franchise to the next chapter is vital to obtaining true growth. Bringing the fire and heat is necessary for such growth while destroying the weeds in the process. Pressure creates diamonds and fire refines the gold, which is precisely what the Star Wars franchise needs moving forward.