Who won’t make it out alive in Solo: A Star Wars Story?

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Enfys Nest

One of the villains in the film, Enfys Nest, is the leader of a gang called the Cloud-Riders. There’s no clear indication as to who’s playing the part. If the trailers are leading us to believe anything, it’s that Enfys Nest won’t be in the film long.

I imagine that Han Solo will dispose of the Enfys Nest much in the same fashion Indiana Jones dispatched of his sword twirling adversary in Raider of the Lost Ark, in a homage to Harrison Ford having played both characters. It will be a quick shot, in which Han indeed does shoot first.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Dryden Vos

And at last, we’ve come to the film’s main baddie, underworld boss Dryden Vos. Played by Paul Bettany, we’re sure that Dryden Vos will give Han his first taste of the perils of the Galactic Underworld.

If Solo: A Star Wars Story was genuinely shot with sequels in mind, Dryden Vos will most likely survive this first installment, but not before almost skinning our favorites smuggler alive. Perhaps he’ll be the one to spark QiRa’s betrayal of Han? Either way, it’s a safe bet he’ll make it out of the movie alive.

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And that’s our best guess at which secondary characters me it out of Solo: A Star Wars Story alive. But if there’s Anything The Last Jedi taught us, is never to count our Porgs before they hatch.

Solo: A Star Wars Story releases on May 25th at a theater near you — tonight if you go to the early screenings!

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