Solo: A Star Wars Story: Ron Howard reveals secrets from film, future of Han Solo in Star Wars


Ron Howard reveals secrets from Solo: A Star Wars Story and the future of Han Solo moving forward within Star Wars films.

Since day one as the captain of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ron Howard has embraced his place within a galaxy far, far away. His childlike wonder and pure joy are evident in the final product of the Han Solo Star Wars origin film — a genuine love letter to the die-hard Star Wars fans.

Even though it’s a “disappointment” at the Box office (compared to other Star Wars films), earnings for Solo: A Star Wars Story is a personal best for him, and the quality of the film is out of this galaxy — especially with the short time he had to right the Falcon, once Lord and Miller left the project.

In a recent interview with The Empire Film Podcast, Ron Howard revealed behind the scene goodies, secrets from Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the future of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian in upcoming Star Wars films.

Listen to the full Podcast with The Empire Film Podcast and Ron Howard right below.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story secrets revealed by Ron Howard

There are no set in carbonite plans for a Solo: A Star Wars Story sequel

  • Ron Howard hints that he’s pitching a sequel for Solo: A Star Wars Story anyways
  • A Lando Calrissian standalone Star Wars film is possible

    Ron Howard reveals that Lucasfilm is being careful in what future film’s they are creating, produce, but also being bold at the same time

    Even though they decided on Maul as the main boss of Crimson Dawn, there were many options for the leader — with Jabba the Hutt as one of the finalists.

    Boba Fett was never in the script

    Lucasfilm, contrary to popular belief, is listening to Star Wars fans and will do so especially moving forward.

    Lucasfilm Story group guru Pablo Hidalgo was responsible for many of the ideas for Solo: A Star Wars Story, working closely with Jon Kasdan

    The five crime syndicates mentioned in Solo: A Star Wars Story and seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars may become a future Star Wars movie

    The “girl talk” moment with Qi’ra and L3 was added last second, but they felt a touching moment was necessary before they went to the dark world of Kessel

    Ron Howard wanted Chewbacca to play a prominent role in the film and increased his part once he took over the project

    Tom Hanks was nearly a Stormtrooper (came) but were not able to work out scheduling conflicts

    Lucasfilm wants to develop a Willow TV series, starring none other than Warwick Davis

    Thank you, Ron Howard, for all these nifty gifties and proving us with all of these amazing details. The thought of a Crime Syndicates movie sounds fascinating, primarily if they use Breaking Bad, The Godfather, and Sopranos as inspiration. What fun. What fun!

    Hearing even a remote possibility of a Lando featured film excites me. More Donald Glover, the better!

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    For now, Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently playing in theaters, worldwide.

    Learn how to purchase tickets for Solo here