Darth Vader fights a surviving Jedi in the latest Marvel Star Wars Comic run


As Imperial and Mon Cala forces battle on, Darth Vader has more pressing concerns to see to in the latest Marvel Star Wars Comics.

There is War on Mon Cala. Moff Tarkin displays the power at his hands while he presses the Imperial attack. Meanwhile, Darth Vader leads a group of Sith Inquisitors in their hunt for a surviving Jedi. And we learn all that happens has its purpose, as the force wills it.

Marvel Star Wars Darth Vader Issue No. 16 begins with Jedi Master Ferren Barr evacuating his followers from their hideout. The Empire knows of their whereabouts, and they are no longer safe.

They must make their escape if they’re to live to fight another day. Little do they know that Darth Vader and his Inquisitors are closing in on them.

When fighting for the greater cause, sacrifices must be made.

As the group attempts their escape, they are picked off one at a time, but not before we learn each of their motivations. They fight for the love ones they lost, homes that have been taken from them, and lastly, they fight against what a future under the Imperial rule will be.

They all sacrafice themselves to keep the cause alive. It’s a beautifully written and drawn sequence and adds depth and texture to the lives lost.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

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Just as the Inquisitors close in on Master Barr and the last of his disciples, Darth Vader is called to perform another task. Moff Tarkin asks Vader for a personal favor, to recapture King Lee-Char. Tarkin knows that the recapture of the king will put an end to this conflict.

When your best strategy is one once employed by your enemy.

The Inquisitors and a small group of elite troops close in on Master Barr and husband lone remaining disciple. As the Inquisitors prepare to take down the Jedi Master, Ferren Barr senses that there something all too familiar about these troopers.

They are from the last batch of clones, and as such have distinct programming. Master Barr throws down his lightsaber and orders the trooper to execute Order 66.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

The Clones knowing no difference from Jedi and Sith begin attacking everyone holding a lightsaber. This allows for Ferren Barr and his lone disciple to make their escape, leaving the Inquisitors to deal with the troopers who have now turned against them.

Master Barr races to get to King Lee-Char before Vader does, but it’s a futile effort. Vader recaptures the King, forcing the King to negotiate terms of a cease-fire with Moff Tarkin.

The negotiations turn in Tarkin’s favor when Master Barr confesses to the assassination the Imperial Emissary. Little does the King know that Tarkin has no plan to stop husband bombardment of Mom Cala.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

Acting in the present to Manipulate the future.

The continued Bombardment of Mon Cala does, however, guarantee one thing, Mon Cala Ships will join the Rebellion. It’s a vision of the future that Master Barr hasn’t seen through the Force and personally sets in motion.

The Cruisers will be the strength of the Rebel Fleet and play a significant role in the Battle of Endor. Master Barr has foreseen all of this and set this sequence of event in motion with the assassination of the Imperial Emissary. An action that caused the Mon Cala to witness first hand the kind of Tyranny the Empire is capable of.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

Another excellent story src in what had been an incredible run in their Marvel Star Wars Darth Vader series. Charles Soule provides excellently writing, and the artwork does an excellent job giving action filled and poignant visuals.

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The series continues to bridge the gap between the end of The Clones Wars and the start of the Rebellion. A great way to get your fill of Star Wars until the next movies hit theaters.