Star Wars rumors: Kathleen Kennedy’s time at Lucasfilm nearing an end?


The Star Wars rumor onslaught continues, this time with the future of Kathleen Kennedy, who may be on her way out as President of Lucasfilm.

One could be forgiven for thinking that every day brings another series of speculations about the state of Lucasfilm – and the status of the Star Wars franchise in general. Movie projects are shuffled around, postponed, and your favorite characters are said to be appearing in unusual places.

Well, get your salt shakers at the ready, cause we’ve one more rumor report for you — this from popular Youtube film critic and commentator Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer.

Citing unnamed sources inside of Pinewood studios (where most of the Star Wars films are shot) Randolph states that a recent conference call was held between Disney head honcho Bob Iger and the whole of Lucasfilm top brass.

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Of a wide array of topics covered, the changing out of Kathleen Kennedy as head of Lucasfilm was high on the docket.

Apparently, Iger has been displeased with the currently disharmonious state of the Star Wars Union and is looking to find new blood in an effort to reconnect with the spurned core fanbase. The stated goal – returning the Jedi to full four-quadrant appeal.

Randolph states, however, that of the many persons approached to take the reins of Lucasfilm – J.J. Abrams among them – nobody stepped up to the plate. She concludes that the current regime is likely to stay in place until an heir makes themselves apparent.

Additionally, the subject of Obi-Wan Kenobi was discussed, and a retroactive consensus reached that an Obi-Wan movie should have bowed before Solo: A Star Wars Story. This to the surprise of very few fans anywhere.

It’s also stated that the back and forth as to whether or not Obi-Wan will grace our screens continues apace as the execs at Lucasfilm still reeling from the fallout of Solo.

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What do you make of the seemingly constant upheaval at Lucasfilm? Who do you suggest might take the reins to provide a holistic and innovative direction for the franchise moving forward? Give us a shout in the comments below!