Star Wars Rebels: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray coming in July


Lucasfilm announced the release date for Star Wars Rebels: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray and DVD.

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Relive the final season of the popular Star Wars animated series when the Season 4 Blu-ray comes out on July 31, Lucasfilm announced. While it will be exciting to revisit Lothal and see how the final showdown plays out, we’re looking forward to the exclusives and extras the Blu-Ray will bring, including commentary from executive producer Dave Filoni.

The Blu-Ray should contain fascinating new features that go deeper into the Star Wars Rebels story, including an extra ‘Ghosts of Legend,” which goes behind the scenes with the show’s creators. FIloni shares six audio commentaries, according to a release on

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Filoni also delves deeper into the Force, looking at how it works in Star Wars Rebels in the feature extra Forces of Rebellion.

Another extra of the forthcoming Blu-ray and DVD is a feature with Kevin Kiner, the composer for Star Wars Rebels. It will take a look at his work and what inspired his musical themes.

The Blu-ray and DVD will also come with the complete final season of Rebels Recon,’s recaps to complement the TV series.

The fourth season was the final one for Star Wars Rebels. It followed Ezra, Kanan, Hera and others in their fight for Lothal. If you didn’t get a chance to watch, now you’re chance to see how it all ends.

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While Filoni’s second animation series came to an end sooner than Star Wars fans would have liked, there is another show on the horizon. An animated series Star Wars Rebellions is set to arrive this fall on Disney XD, with the series taking place before The Force Awakens. Expect more thrilling adventures the fall. But if you can’t wait, you always have the Star Wars Rebels Fourth Season Blu-Ray coming out on July 31


Release date: July 31

Discs: Blu-ray (2); DVD (3)

Where to buy: Amazon | Best Buy