Will Star Wars find a leader like Marvel’s Kevin Feige?


Star Wars will eventually need a new leader. Is Marvel’s Kevin Feige next?

If you’re a hardcore Star Wars aficionado you know there’s been a deluge of rumors and speculation regarding who takes over Lucasfilm after – and if – Kathleen Kennedy steps away from her duties as president of the company. Today, we may be able to put one name to rest: Marvel’s Kevin Feige.

Our friends over at Collider Movie Talk took some time to address a report by Peter Scrietta ofSlashFilm wherein Kevin Feige is asked directly if he intends to become involved in a leading role at Lucasfilm after he transitions away from Marvel Studios.

"Said Feige “No. Only in my backyard with my action figures.”"

Check the video below.

While the Collider crew allows for some wiggle room in interpreting Feige’s statement – the film industry being fairly fluid – they all essentially agree with the Scrietta report and lay this particular name to rest as a contender.

New times call for new blood.

We now enter into the Unknown Region of Star Wars speculations as to who will take the top spot when Kennedy vacates it. The first name among all of the hardcore fans, and the Collider panel, will come as no surprise – Dave Filoni. Having successfully guided two well regarded animation series, and mentored under George Lucas himself, he is the fans apparent most wanted.

The caveat present here is that while his creative bona fides are solid, Disney may require someone with a higher level of production experience than Filoni. Especially in the realm of live-action works.

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One name that has been routinely overlooked to take the reins at Lucasfilm is that of Jon Favreau. He has already been tapped to executive produce a live action Star Wars series. His production credits at Marvel are stellar with films such as Avengers: Infinity War under his belt.Indeed, the whole of Marvel Studios was built off of his Iron Man film.

While we’re in the realm of speculation it might be fun to think of his running the live-action series as an audition to take the top spot at Lucasfilm – pending a positive reception to said series.

The changing of the guard at Lucasfilm is undoubtedly to remain a dynamic situation. What do you think about the names mentioned here? Give us a shout in the comments below!