Star Wars: Details emerge about Jon Favreau’s live-action TV series


New details emerge on the live-action Star Wars television series, with Jon Favreau at the helm. It appears it may debut sooner than later — a surprise, but a welcome one!

Since the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, we have now entered the dark times of Star Wars. It has nothing to do with the (so-called) “Evil Empire,” known as Disney, by some.

In fact, the franchise has thrived under the watch of Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Iger, both at the Box office and with the quality of content, as well as an increase in diversity.

The “dark times” we speak of is the 19 months in between live-action films. What’s going to hold us over during this great drought of Tatooine?

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We may have our answer, in Jon Favreau and his upcoming live-action Star Wars series. According to, the show may begin filming as early as this Fall and the release date could be even before Episode IX — maybe even Fall of 2019.

The series takes place now seven years after the Original trilogy and four years after Return of the Jediwhich varies from the initial reports. As of now, we don’t have an inkling of who or what the series is about, but with Jon Favreau at the helm, we have high hopes for it!

We are only speculating, but this means that the streaming service run by Disney may be here sooner than later too, which is exciting.

Star Wars Resistance is around the corner as well and will hold us over until the main course that is Episode IX.

While Disney/Lucasfilm is at it, why don’t they announce another live-action Lando TV series, written and directed by Donald Glover? With his talents on and even behind the camera, that would be a tremendous way to kick off this new Netflix like venture by Disney.

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In the meantime, comics, novels, and views of older content will have to do. All of this waiting will let us learn the patience of a Jedi Master such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, and it will be well worth the wait!