Mangold tweets on toxic Star Wars fandom, which could chase directors away


Director James Mangold, who is a linked to a Boba Fett spin-off movie, worries top directors won’t want to make Star Wars movies over recent antics by fans.

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The Star Wars franchise is in a weird place right now with hot takes written on the fandom pretty much every day. The reason is some fans want the movies to go one way while the direction has moved a different way.

But rather than voice their opinions calmly, there have been verbal attacks and harrassment to the detriment of the fandom, actors and other fans.

Recently, director James Mangold has given his opinion on the matter. Mangold, who has been linked to a Boba Fett spin-off movie, tweeted about the toxic culture that has engrossed the Star Wars fandom. His take is from the point of view of the creator, and says top directors and creative minds will leave Star Wars behind of it continues.

It’s plausible. Rian Johnson has been attacked for his take on The Last Jedi. Given how he has been treated, it may make others think twice before accepting a role with the franchise.

Star Wars is arguably the biggest franchise in the world, which will ultimately make it one of the most targeted. It should be a highlight on someone’s career getting to be part of such an iconic franchise, but for many it’s been a tough road.

Mangold has a point that many well-respected creative types might pass on Star Wars projects because a person gets attacked as opposed to offering criticism on content.

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Criticism is tough to handle, but for directors, writers and producers who are in this stage of the game, they have learned to live with it. Verbal assaults are not part of the norm.

So if Lucasfilm execs approach a director with a new project, one of the first questions that may be asked, ‘Is it worth it?’

Maybe that’s something Mangold is asking himself – though he’s denied the Boba Fett movie rumors. But it’s certainly a possibility.

How do you feel about the direction of the current Star Wars trilogy?