A Boba Fett Star Wars standalone movie is in development — a terribly wonderful idea


A Boba Fett Star Wars movie is in development, which is a terribly, wonderful idea. Bring it on!

Naturally, as I’m donning my Her Universe men’s attire and getting ready to head out the door to see Solo: A Star Wars Story, a Death Star-sized bombshell of news drops. Lucky for you all, I love the Star Wars and the fandom, so my partaking of an adult beverage in my brand-new Han Solo cup can wait.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a Boba Fett Star Wars standalone film is happening. This is not a drill; we are getting a Boba Fett movie — with the timeline of the story still unknown.

Academy Award-nominated director James Mangold, writer and director for the X-Men origins story Logan is tasked with the sacred duty of bringing Boba Fett back to the big screen.

Is a Boba Fett standalone movie a good idea? Probably not. Do I care? I do not. Bring it on, I say!

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, we delved deeper into the origins of Boba Fett — watching him transform into the vigilante he is when we first see him in The Empire Strikes Back (or A New Hope depending on your certain point of view).

In the Aftermath trilogy by Chuck Wendig, there are hints and whispers that Boba Fett survives his struggle inside the Sarlacc Pitt — with his infamous armor surfacing without him.

Will Daniel Logan reprise the role of a younger Boba Fett? Or, will Temeuera Morrison don the armor as he did in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones? What I want to see is both, with flashbacks to his formative years with Daniel Logan in the film.

No matter which route the Lucasfilm story group decides to go, they have the right director/writer manning the project in Mangold. Maybe we’ll discover where he gets his armor and badass helmet — and no it’s not from his Jango Fett, which we learn in The Clone Wars animated series.

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Even though a Boba Fett film is not an original idea and not even that great of one; I’ll be first in to see it in all of its glory. The man of few words will have the chance to speak up, and when a quiet man speaks, it’s important to listen.