Where was Black Squadron during The Last Jedi?


Black Squadron were no where to be seen during Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but the latest Poe Dameron comic reveals what they were up to.

During Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Poe Dameron played a significant role as he attempted to hatch his own plan to save the last of the Resistance. With a few allies by his side, he made his move, but his biggest supporters weren’t there.

Black Squadron, the elite group of pilots who fight for the Resistance, weren’t in The Last Jedi, The group consists of Snap Wexley, Karé Kun, Jessica Pava and Suralina Javos – with Dameron as their captain.

It turns out they were on a mission for General Leia Organa to recruit allies for the Resistance, it was shown in the latest Poe Dameron comic.

Warning: Ahead contains spoilers for the comic Star Wars Poe Dameron #29

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In Star Wars: Poe Dameron #29, the Black Squadron captain gets a holo from Jessica. She tells the story of what happened to her team – so far – during the time of The Last Jedi. Their first stop in the quest to find allies is on a planet called Pastoria in the Outer Rim.

There, they meet King Siroc, who explains how mighty the First Order is and implies that he understands Leia’s plight. He asks Black Squadron for help saying he needs a transport protected. However, Siroc duped them into killing his biggest rival.

He tells Black Squadron he did it so when the First Order eventually arrives to Pastoria, he will negotiate with them to get the best terms for his people without getting Pastorians killed.

Destroying the Hosnian system has put a scare in those around the galaxy. Even though the First Order has been weakened with the destruction of Starkiller Base and Snoke being dead, the First Order brings a nasty reputation with it.

It makes sense now why no one showed up when Leia sent out the help signal in The Last Jedi. The scene where Lieutenant Connix says ‘no one is coming’ is heartbreaking because it seems it’s the last hurrah for the Resistance. While, they end up getting help from Rey, no one else in the galaxy made their way to help the Resistance face down the First Order.

In Poe Dameron #29, we actually see the other side of the story.

Of course, we want to shake King Siroc and ask him what’s wrong with him. Why wouldn’t he want to help the Resistance?

But what the First Order did by destroying the Hosnian system was effectively make all the other planets and systems realize how vulnerable they were. If they didn’t protect their own, then no one would.

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Even if they all agree the First Order is a blight, it managed to create silos with the other planets and alien races so much so they refuse to help one another.

So where does that leave the Resistance?

Well, that’s a question best answered in Star Wars Episode IX.

Star Wars Poe Dameron #29 is currently on shelf at your local comic shop.