Where was Black Squadron during the Battle of Crait? Having problems of their own …


Where was Black Squadron during the Battle of Crait? We learn more of their mission that we didn’t see during The Last Jedi.

While the Resistance fought at the Battle of Crait, Black Squadron ran into their own problems. The current run of the Poe Dameron Star Wars comic is showing fans what they were up during Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

We saw their first stop didn’t go well, but at least they left to continue their mission to find allies to join the Resistance.

Their next stop onto Ikkrukk went even worse. There are spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read Poe Dameron #30.

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During the Battle of Crait while the First Order attacked the Resistance, Black Squadron picked up a signal as they headed toward Ikkrukk. The planet was under attack by the First Order.

Black Squadron, which is made up of just four pilots, decided they would try to help as best they could with the premise that it was part of their mission. They’ve been sent out by General Leia Organa to find allies, and an ally would definitely they could liberate from an attack.

However, a destroyer and hundreds of TIE Fighters against just four Resistance ships wasn’t going to go well. Jessica Pava and Suralinda headed into the city, behind a shield, to get its defenses back up, while Snap Wexley and Kare Kun would do what they could in the sky.

We don’t see exactly what goes down because the whole story is being told through Jessica Pava’s point of view through holo-messages sent to Poe.

Despite being hit by enemy fire, Jessica made it to Grail City on Ikkrukk alive, if not a little damaged. Her transmission stops there, but she was able to send another one – one that brought about way more questions than answers.

When Jessica’s face came up on the next holo, she is battered and bloodied, and she doesn’t sound as though they were able to fulfill their mission.

“It’s all gone wrong,” she says as she kneels next to the dead body of her fellow pilot Suralinda.

Suralinda has a gaping and smoking gun shot wound to the middle of her chest. One thing is unclear is who shot her because Jessica is kneeling with a gun in her hand. I don’t think Jessica killed her, but you never know in war.

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Black Squadron is facing their own problems and it looks as though their mission to bring allies to the Resistance is not working out as well as they hoped. Poe, Rey, Finn, Leia and the rest of the Resistance are flying through space on the Millennium Falcon while their friends are being gunned down with nothing they can do about it.

Worst part for fans is the next issue of Poe doesn’t come out until September 26. So we have to wait more than a month to learn what’s happening with Black Squadron.

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