New Star Wars book features the comprehensive story of Han Solo


Want to learn everything you can about Star Wars legend Han Solo? Well, there’s a book for that.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Star Wars character Han Solo is coming to a book in the near future.

Star Wars Icons: Han Solo will take a look at the famous character from creation to his legacy. The book won’t focus just on the Skywalker Saga, but Solo: A Star Wars Story will also be represented.

But it doesn’t end with the big screen. Star Wars has long told stories in comics, books, video games and more. Star Wars Icons: Han Solo takes a look at these avenues, getting the comprehensive story of Solo.

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The book will cost fans $50 and comes out on November 13. Two hundred forty pages of Han Solo should get to the core of the galaxy’s favorite scoundrel.

What makes this book different is there are interviews along along with amazing imagery and notes. Author Gina McIntyre includes new interviews with Harrison Ford, Alden Ehrenreich – both actors have played the iconic character – Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Ron Howard and many more.

Star Wars fans will get a big dose of Solo within the coming month. The Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization comes out on September 4 with the digital release, DVD and Blu-Ray coming later in the month.

If you ever wanted to read up on Han Solo – now is the perfect time.

So, how did McIntyre get to writing the most comprehensive book on Han Solo? She explained the process to

"Setting out to write the book I really hoped to tell the most comprehensive story possible about the character. The approach was incremental — I think if I had stopped to consider how much there was to review and analyze, I quickly would have become overwhelmed. The first steps involved watching all the movies again and listening to commentary tracks. I poured through archival magazines and biographies of George Lucas, in addition to previous books chronicling the making of the original trilogy. I read or re-read as many novels and comic books as possible, I fell down a few YouTube rabbit holes, and then finally, I dived into the interview process. Each conversation informed the next, and it was fascinating to hear first-hand about Han from so many of the influential creators who had played a role in shaping the course of his story over the decades."

Star Wars Icons: Han Solo releases on November 13.