Boba Fett: What we need to see from a Star Wars spin-off movie


If we were to ever get a Boba Fett spin-off movie, here are a few things I’d like to see in the Star Wars movie.

The future of Star Wars spin-offs is looking grim thanks to Solo’s box office flop. One spin-off would that has been rumored has been on Boba Fett,  but would be a blow crushing to fans if it didn’t go through.

But if a flick showcasing everybody’s favorite bounty hunter came to be, there are a few goosebump-worthy moments that I would have to see.

When it comes to Boba Fett, there aren’t many things to mess up. When he appeared in the original trilogy, he hardly spoke. Still, he became a cult hero and a Star Wars icon. In The Clone Wars, his background was hashed out a little when he joined the crew of Bossk and Aurra Sing. In the prequels, he got to see Mace Windu mow down his father. Other than that, not a lot is known about Boba Fett.

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The Boba Fett spin-off already looked good before the release of Solo. Rumor had it James Mangold was signed on to direct it, the same guy who gave us Logan and 3:10 to YumaMangold denied the rumors, but it still got me excited. I mean, Mangold gave us the on-screen Wolverine that we’d been wanting for years, so who’s to say he couldn’t work that same magic with Boba?

Let’s say the Boba Fett movie is a go. What would we as fans look for? What would you need to see before you left the theater? Here’s a few that I would want.

The Birth of Boba

Since we’re not sure when this movie will be set, this is entirely possible. We all know Boba is a clone of Jango Fett, just like all of the other clone troopers. Was Jango present at Boba’s cloning? Did he get emotional (very doubtful)? Mainly, I just think it would be cool to see the “birth” of Boba Fett.

Running Jobs for Vader

When we see the lineup of bounty hunters in The Empire Strikes Back, Boba’s Mandalorian armor stands out. Wouldn’t you know it, he’s the one who tracked down the Falcon. But I’d like to see Boba running jobs for Darth Vader before this, whatever that might entail. Just thinking about Vader telling Boba to take care of business gets me going.

Working for Jabba

Jabba the Hutt was heavily teased in Solo. When Beckett talks about a big shot gangster putting together a crew, I think everybody in the theater knew who that was. In Return of the Jedi, Boba is seen quietly leaning against a wall, monitoring the activity around Jabba (a bodyguard of sorts). I would love to see Jabba give Boba the order to find Han or whatever other jobs the Hutt might have.

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‘Solo’ exceeded my expectations. Hopefully, a Boba Fett movie will do the same and I pray that we get to see it.

Here’s to hoping.

What would you like to see from a Boba Fett spin-off movie?