9 Best lines from Han Solo in the Star Wars saga


Han Solo has some of the best lines in both the original and sequel trilogies. You could probably recite at least half of them by heart.

From the moment Han Solo first appeared onscreen in A New Hope, his character filled our lives with thrill, smiles – and unforgettable dialogue.

In honor of the home release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, let’s look back at some of his greatest lines of all time.

“I got a bad feeling about this.” Technically, Luke Skywalker was the first character to ever speak this line in A New Hope. But Han Solo mentioned his “bad feeling” when first trapped in the trash compactor, and it has since appeared in every Star Wars movie since. Yes – even in The Last Jedi.

“It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.” Wookiees can be dangerous if threatened – Han knows this firsthand from his very first encounter with Chewbacca in Solo: A Star Wars Story, after all. Always let the Wookiee win.

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“That’s not how the Force works!” Han Solo may not have been a Jedi, but he was technically related to one. From his first appearance in the Star Wars saga to his last, he went from a non-believer to someone who at least knew what the Force could – and couldn’t – do.

“Never tell me the odds!” Never tell Han Solo his chances of dying a hot fiery death while flying the fastest ship in the galaxy. Not during the Kessel Run. Not while trying to outrun TIE fighters or survive a trip through an asteroid field. Never.

“Listen, Big Deal. You got another problem. Women always figure out the truth. Always.” We now know that Leia wasn’t the first – or only – woman to capture Han’s heart. But by the time he fed Finn this wisdom, he’d been in a relationship for a long time. What he said was true. All of it.

“Great shot, kid. Don’t get cocky.” Han Solo would have done anything to survive. Even if that meant giving a Tatooine native a few combat pointers. Technically, you can’t accept a reward if you’re not alive to use it.

“Chewie. We’re home.” Yes, this line was overfed to us in Lucasfilm’s The Force Awakens trailer. But that didn’t stop the chills that definitely happened to you when Han and Chewie stepped onto the Millennium Falcon for the first time in decades. That ship better survive Episode IX.

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“Wonderful girl. Either I’m going to kill her or I’m beginning to like her.” Little did the princess-and-scoundrel duo know that he’d grow to not just like her, but love her – in his own scruffy nerf-herder way. Han and Leia’s often clashing personalities are what made their relationship work. Speaking of which …

“I know.” Yeah, you were waiting for this one, weren’t you? Solo’s response to Leia’s “I love you” in The Empire Strikes Back is more than just iconic. In true Han Solo fashion, the smuggler admitted he had feelings for a future general … without actually admitting he had feelings for her. Typical.

Did your favorite Han Solo line make the list? Which one makes you want to have an impromptu Star Wars marathon the most?