Star Wars actors well-represented at Emmys 2018, including a win


Solo: A Star Wars Story actors Donald Glover, Thandie Newton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge were all up for awards during Emmys 2018. Newton took home a win for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Solo: A Star Wars Story actors Donald Glover, Thandie Newton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge each received nominations heading into the 2018 Emmys. Glover (Atlanta) and Waller-Bridge (Killing Eve) came up empty, but Newton (Westworld) secured a win. Here’s how the night went for the Solo actors.

Thandie Newton: 1 nomination, 1 win

Thandie Newton took home the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Newton was recognized for her role on HBO’s Westworld as Maeve Millay, a critically adored character thanks to Newton’s performance.

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Newton portrayed Val in Solo: A Star Wars Story, a semi-love interest of Beckett and character that eventually sacrifices herself so the crew can continue their coaxium job gone wrong on Vandor-1. Her death is rather quick in Solo, preventing Newton from making the character really shine. Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan said Newton might’ve just been “too good” for the movie. The explanation for her sacrifice is lacking, too. 

Donald Glover: 5 nominations

Donald Glover received several nominations for his work on FX’s Atlanta, a show that pushes the boundaries of television every week, but came up empty on wins. It was an accomplishment on its own for Glover to be nominated as a Lead Actor, Writer and Director for one show. Atlanta also lost in the Outstanding Comedy Series category. Last week, Glover was up for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series at the Creative Arts Emmys for his appearance on Saturday Night Live, but fell short there as well.

Glover portrayed Lando Calrissian in Solo, a character known for stealing scenes with his charm and presence. Reviews of his performance as Lando were very favorable, and Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan recently said Glover should be given the chance to be Lando again in future movies.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge: 1 nomination

Phoebe Waller-Bridge received a nomination for her writing on the “Nice Face” episode of BBC America’s Killing Eve, but lost in the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series category. Killing Eve was developed by Waller-Bridge and just aired its first season, with a second ordered soon after its premiere.

Waller-Bridge portrayed the rambunctious droid L3 in Solo as Lando’s sidekick and main annoyance. L3 becomes a casualty of crossfire on Kessel, much to the dismay of Lando, but the crew is able to upload L3’s navigation system into the Millennium Falcon, making the droid part of the ship.

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You can watch the Emmys 2018 win for Thandie Newton, including her acceptance speech, here.