Star Wars: Episode IX rumors still to be addressed

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Mara Jade will finally make an appearance

Lastly, we have Mara Jade. A character who has been in high demand by Star Wars fans for some time; the wannabe assassin/future wife of Luke Skywalker has yet to appear in any of the Star Wars movies or TV shows.

Similar to Thrawn, she is referenced to many in times in a variety of comics and books. However, unlike Thrawn, who appeared in the TV series Star Wars Rebels, Mara Jade is just a complete no-show outside of the realm of comics and books.

However, she could be making an appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX. The casting of Keri Russel has led to the theory that she is playing Mara Jade. Her character has been kept a closely guarded secret and nobody from the Star Wars camp is talking.

Mark Hamill teased about hoping Luke Skywalker finds love at some point, which added fuel to the already roaring fire that Russel is Mara.

This idea also connects back to the Rey parentage theory, where Mara Jade is Rey’s mother, fathered by Luke, therefore making her a Skywalker.

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And that’s it everyone.

No doubt more rumors will surface as we get closer to Star Wars: Episode IX¸ and no doubt some will be confirmed, some denied, and some just left hanging along the way.

Right now this is all we have got, so let me know which theory you really want to see come true, and if you have your own, feel free to share your thoughts by dropping a comment below.