Boba Fett movie canceled in favor of The Mandalorian


The best bounty hunter in the galaxy will have to wait for a solo film in favor of Jon Favreau’s upcoming live-action series.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says a Boba Fett spin-off movie is “100 percent dead” and that all focus will shift to The Mandalorian, according to journalist Erick Weber.

Weber, who spoke with Kennedy at a Black Panther event, tweeted the news. It comes shortly after director James Mangold was rumored to be attached to the project. Mangold denied this, but it got Boba Fett fans excited nonetheless.

Any kind of movement on a Boba Fett movie has been rocky, beginning when the project was pushed back in favor of Solo. However, after the box office disappointment of Solo, and production on all stand-alone films was apparently put on hold.

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This news from Kennedy seems to suggest Lucasfilm is all-in on Jon Favreau and The Mandalorian, and it’s hard to blame them. If you look at Favreau’s recent work in Hollywood, the man is a force to be reckoned with. Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and The Jungle Book have all been hits with critics and fans alike. If that wasn’t enough, Favreau’s also directing The Lion King, due for release next July.

Personally, I’m buying as much Jon Favreau stock as I can right now. He’s got a good history with franchise – he voiced Pre Vizsla in The Clone Wars and then returned to the franchise as Rio Durant in Solo. 

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It’s a shame that the Boba Fett movie had to be canceled, though. A while back, I wrote a piece on things that I’d want to see in a Boba spin-off; it’s looking like I’ll never see them. Still, the news of the cancellation tells me this: Lucasfilm is trying hard to get The Mandalorian right. After taking some heat for The Last Jedi as well as the Solo box office bomb, they need something that’ll help them get back on track.

Something tells me that Jon Favreau and The Mandalorian will do just that.

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